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Backstory[ | ]

Using her mastery in Aqua-fu, Dizzy fooled the Scarg prison guards with her water clones and escaped along with her team. After being separated, she went back to her home planet: Ribbit IV, with the plan to visit her family and revitalize her singing career.

Dizzy decided to form her own girl band, called the Dizzies, with two of her water clones. In no time she conquered the Universal Music Charts and toured all across the Galaxy, while angering some concert hall owners due to her 'explosive' performances.

After a popularity poll showed that one of the clones, Fizzy, was way more popular than Dizzy a fight erupted between the two, causing Fizzy to start her own successful solo career. In a fit of rage caused by the betrayal, Dizzy left the band and redirected her anger into vandalizing the modern streets of Ribbit IV with graffiti. Before being caught, she was calmed by an old friend who presented her with the perfect plan to both clear their names and redirect her rage. She now joins her old friends and follows her cousin's footsteps into joining the Awesomenauts!

Quotes[ | ]

Theme song lyrics[ | ]

Feel me croaking out the bass

My style is funky and my hairdo is ace

Even by clones I never could be replaced

Dizzy's owning all of Space

Only one waterfall left for me to chase

That nasty clone gal Fizzy I've gotta face

Hear me

Keep your distance, or my groove blasts you away

You once paid big for my concerts, now for standing in my way


From the stardom, the betrayal, and the rage

I will be starting some aqua-fu rampage



Featuring Dizzy's debut

Kickin' your face black an' blue

Singin' all high notes on cue

When I croak

Bodies will dance till soaked

Minds will be fiercely stoked

Stages will BOOM explode

End Chorus


Here's my rap of life in prison, that was back in the day

So I suggest you have a listen to what I have to say

It was too lame for frogs inside so I did not mean to stay

I played some tricks on the guards and prison time was passe

Now all the Universe was longing for my voice to sing again

So I revitalized my act, I was the queen and I reigned

I got too eager though and I cloned myself for triple fame

Our act exploded and success was pumpin' through our veins

Me and my clones were called the Dizzies and our act was insane

Until one screwed me big time, causing me emotional pain

So I just turned my back on them and felt a raging disdain

I started spraying graffiti until my heart filled with shame

Then this old friend and I got talking while we're having a stroll

Said hey you gotta stop this nonsense hon', it's black'nin' your soul

And he was right, this crap was leaving me completely distraught

I switched career and let my rage roar with the Awesomenauts

End Rap

Chorus (x2)

Voice actor: Hillary Hawkins

Taunts[ | ]

▶️"Get a load of my aqua-fu!"

▶️"Getting dizzy already?"

▶️"Hey, small fry!"

▶️"Fizzled out already?!"

▶️"I'm gonna aqua-fu your butts outta here!"

▶️"I hear a frog choir singing your funeral march!"

Help[ | ]

▶️"I'm sinking... in the charts..."

▶️*Singing* "You... gotta help me... Period."


▶️"I need backing vocals!"

Attack[ | ]

▶️"Time to hit those charts!"

▶️"Take out those runner-ups!"

▶️"Attack, renegades!"


▶️"Smash'em with a song!"

Defend[ | ]

▶️"They ain't getting through our defenses!"

▶️"They're gunnin' for us!"


▶️"Renegades, defend!"

▶️"Defend in D-major!"

Purchase[ | ]

▶️*singing* "All the kids with their new things..."

▶️"Need a new mike for my solo!"

▶️"Think I'm tempted by some bling?"

▶️"Oooh! I love me some upgrades!"

▶️"Spending the dime! In a future time!" - Possibly a reference to C.O.P.S.[1]

▶️*singing* "Hoppin' to the store!"

Teleporting[ | ]

▶️"Where did that blowfish go?"

▶️"Solooo! I want my solooo!"

▶️"And now it's time for rap interlude!"

▶️"Instrumental, right now!"

▶️"Never gonna stay here! Never gonna stay here!"

▶️"It's solo time!"

Chosen[ | ]

▶️"Ready for my solo?"


▶️"I said no scrubs!"

Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️"I was chasing waterfall and suddenly SPLASH! Wet butt!" - A reference to the song Waterfalls[2] by TLC.[3]

▶️"Don't get on my wrong side, I've got like a million big brothers!"

▶️"Aqua-fu is the essence of life!"

▶️"I'm not gonna spend my life being amphibian!"

▶️"Froggy G said: 'damn I'm hungry'"

▶️"Galactic music charts, here I come!"

▶️"The Dizzies were slick, back in the day!"

▶️"Don't go chasing water clones... 'cause they'll explode on you! Hah!" - A reference to the song Waterfalls, by TLC.

▶️"My explosive performance made a lot of people mad!"

▶️"Bustin' up concert halls wherever I go!"

▶️"I started singing when I was still a small tadpole!" *giggles*

▶️"Spawning like a true frog!"

▶️"The speed is making me... Dizzy!"

▶️"I'm ready for my solo!"

▶️"Proud member of Rocket's Renegades!"

Killing Blow[ | ]

▶️"I got a bad rap!"

▶️"I said no scrubs!"



▶️"Did you call me a bad singer?"

▶️"Mic drop!"

Killing Blow (set)[ | ]

▶️"Gold record!"

▶️"Platinum record!"

▶️"Unobtainium record!" - A reference to a fictional metal from the film Avatar.[4]

Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️"Number one rap act: DIZZYYY!"

▶️"And the music award goes to: me!"

▶️"Thank you! You really love me!"

▶️"My momma always said I'd hit it big!"

▶️"I'd like to thank my producer and my bro Froggy G!"

▶️"Another award for the mantlepiece!"

Being Hit[ | ]















On Death[ | ]

▶️"Ughhh... Scrubs... got to me..."

▶️"Didn't quite hit that G... *coughs*"

▶️"You try... singing rap-pop-funk fusion..."

▶️"In F minor... Ugh..."

▶️"Going down the scales... Ugh..."

▶️"Record scratch... *coughs* Ugh..."

▶️"That's it... I'm leaving the band..."

▶️"Solo... done..."

Using Bubble Shot[ | ]

▶️"Fire bubble!"

▶️"Better watch out!"


Using Multi Dash[ | ]


▶️"I'm off!"

▶️"Dashing all the way!"

▶️"Ready for my solo?"

Using Multi Dash (set)[ | ]

▶️"Now you see me... Ugh."

▶️" you don't! Hah!"

▶️"Now you'll never!"

Using Explosive Clone[ | ]

▶️"Aqua-fu engaged!"

▶️"The power of my fu!"

▶️"Explosive Fizzy!"

▶️"Don't go overshadowing me!"


Encountering Froggy G[ | ]

▶️"Time for a family duet, Froggy G!"

Encountering Commander Rocket[ | ]

▶️"Come to send me back to the loonybin, Commander?"

▶️"Those were wild times in Scarg prison, right Commander?"

▶️"Commander on deck! atten-SHUN!"

Encountering Smiles[ | ]

▶️"Ulp! You're not putting me on the barbie, are you Smiles?"

▶️"I'm too nasty to be a handbag, Smiles!"

Encountering member of Rocket's Renegades (friendly)[ | ]

▶️"Rocket's Renegades, assemble!"

▶️"Great to see you, my peeps! How's life?"

▶️"We're putting the team back together!"

Encountering member of Rocket's Renegades (enemy)[ | ]

▶️"My homies! What are you doing with the enemy?"

▶️"Oh, is this a fighting drill? I love drills!"

Kunoichi Dizzy Quotes[ | ]

Taunts[ | ]

▶️"I'll aqua-fu your brains out!"

▶️"You won't see me coming until you're dead!"

▶️"I can clearly see how lame you are!"

▶️"Do you seek the way of the aqua-fu?"

▶️"Careful! You're gonna step on your own clumsiness!"

Help[ | ]

▶️"My aqua-fu's powerless!"

▶️"Assist me please!"

▶️"Ah! I'm unveiled!"


Attack[ | ]

▶️"The scrolls say: Attack!"


▶️"Let's sneak up on'em!"

▶️"Unleash your aqua-fu!"

▶️"Burst forth like a flood!"

Defend[ | ]


▶️"Tsunami incoming!"

▶️"We gotta ninja ourselves outta this!"

▶️"Brutes coming our way!"

▶️"Let's barricade ourselves!"

Purchase[ | ]

▶️"Umbrellas? Don't need'em!"

▶️"A slice of pie?! Honestly?"

▶️"Complementary poncho?!"

▶️"Board games?! No kidding!"

▶️"A zoot suit?! Whaaat?"

▶️"A shrubbery?! Just... no."

Teleporting[ | ]

▶️"Before you know it, I've evaporated!"

▶️"Now I'm solid, now I'm mist!"

▶️"Taking the mystical pathway home!"

Teleporting (set)[ | ]

▶️"Time for some real cloak and dagger stuff!"

▶️"Time for balancing on a knife's edge!"

▶️"Time for... well, just a quick nap this time."

Chosen[ | ]

▶️"I'll aqua-fu your brains out!"

▶️"Can't catch me!"

▶️"I'm chill running down your spine for no reason!"

Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️"I'm the waft of air that gives you a running nose!"

▶️"I'm chill running down your spine for no reason!"

▶️"I'm the leaky tap that drives you crazy at night!"

▶️"I'm the shadow in the corner of your eye!"

▶️"I'm what you think you saw in the mirror!"

▶️"I'm wherever you least expect it!"

▶️"I'm the unsettling noise when you thought you were safe!"

▶️"I'm the cinder that sets the forest ablaze!"

▶️"I'm the oasis-turned-mirage when you're gagging in the desert!"

▶️"I'm the croak of the earth before it swallows you whole!"

▶️"I'm the whisper on the wind!"

▶️"I'm the invisible ink when you need to write something down fast!"

▶️"I'm the enemy you never knew you had!"

▶️"I'm the laughter when you finally screw up!"

▶️"I'm whatever you think might kill you soon!"

Killing Blow[ | ]


▶️"There's method to my murder!"

▶️"Now you're dead!"

▶️"Stealth kill!"

▶️"Made of sugar?"

▶️"Ha! Done for!"

Killing Blow (set)[ | ]

▶️"Dance like Genji's Butterfly!"

▶️"Sting like Deadlift's Musk!"

▶️"Fight like a crazy Chucho!"

Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️"Let me share with you a secret!"

▶️"The mystery flows through me!"

▶️"When the aqua-fu calls, you better answer!"

▶️"Splitting seas in half is child's play!"

▶️"I can lift rocks with nothing but the sweat on my forehead!"

Being Hit[ | ]


















On Death[ | ]

▶️"Xi-Pang failed me... Ughhh..."

▶️"It's all clear... Ughhh..."

▶️"Outta aqua..."

▶️"Sorry... Commander..."

▶️"I'm done..."

▶️"Fu... failing..."

▶️"Mystery over..."

▶️"Boiling over..."

On Death (set)[ | ]

▶️"On the winter sea..."

▶️"...seagulls float..."

▶️" falling leaves."

Using Bubble Shot[ | ]




Using Multi Dash[ | ]


▶️"Slip through!"


▶️"I flow!"

Using Multi Dash (set)[ | ]

▶️"Can't catch me!"

▶️"Just try it buster!"

▶️"You're left empty-handed!"

Using Explosive Clone[ | ]

▶️"Aqua-fu mystery!"

▶️"Master technique!"

▶️"The explosive way!"

▶️"Mystical jitsu!"

▶️"Secret gesture!"

Encountering Froggy G[ | ]

▶️"Let's rhyme together when this is over, Froggy G!"

Encountering Commander Rocket[ | ]

▶️"Commander Rocket! I've uncovered the Scrolls of Xi-Pang, sir!"

▶️"Want me to pour you a stiff drink, Commander Rocket?"

▶️"Commander Rocket! You have a mission for me?"

Encountering Smiles[ | ]

▶️"You may own the swamps, but I control the shadows, Smiles!"

▶️"Seems you've met your match, haven't you Smiles?"

Encountering member of Rocket's Renegades (friendly)[ | ]

▶️"The tides are fortunate that we fight together, fellow Rocket's Renegade!"

▶️"Rocket's Renegades! Stick together!"

Encountering member of Rocket's Renegades (enemy)[ | ]

▶️"I'll poke out your eyes, rogue Rocket's Renegade!"

▶️"I don't wanna fight you, but if the will of destiny..."

Nauts In-Game Look[ | ]

Character[ | ]


Default skin.


Default skin.


Kunoichi Dizzy.


Kunoichi Dizzy.

Minimap Icon[ | ]

Ui minimap player Dizzy 0

Scoreboard Icon[ | ]

Classicon Dizzy

Skin Information[ | ]

Kunoichi Dizzy[ | ]

Dizzy 002 Kunoichi

When the Aqua-Fu calls, you answer. Nowadays the Aqua-Fu also tends to send a text message when it can't reach you by phone.

When Dizzy got the text she set off on a pilgrimage to the Aqua-Fu home nebula: the Waxxon spiral. There, she met with Noodle Smiggs, a man with a terrible name but mythical Aqua-Fu skills. She spent three gruelling years in training, lifting rocks with nothing but the drops of sweat on her forehead, washing dishes while manipulating the flow of water from across the room, and cleaning spaceships down in the spaceport for some extra cash.

After years of training, Dizzy was introduced to the secrets of the Scrolls of Xi-Pang and her training entered it's final stages. The scrolls had given her untold insight into how Aqua-Fu Masters were all that stood between hidden, unspeakable horrors and the people of the galaxy, and the role she was set to play in events yet to unfold. She had become Kunoichi Dizzy, Master of the Aqua-Fu.

This DLC contains a custom skin for Dizzy in Awesomenauts. You need to have Dizzy available as a playable character in order to access the skin in-game. Owning this skin will also unlock the special portrait for use in-game. This skin contains a fully customized voice set. - Official Steam Store description.

This skin gives Dizzy the looks of a ninja. Her hair is tied up in a braid instead of dreadlocks and she has a small mask to the side of her head. She's wearing a black kimono and a red/blue scarf and her gloves are slightly more detailed. She wears a kung-fu red/blue belt around her waist and is missing her water tank. Her feet are wrapped in bandages.

Her fish gun is replaced by some sort of hard shell monster with sharp teeth and glowing eyes. Her Multi Dash has unique sound effects, and the grafitti effect is replaced by katakana and a trail of leaves and a log. The hit area of her Explosive Clone is shaped like a gong and the skill itself plays a gong sound when deployed. Blowfish Nozzle has the appearance of kanji that says "bomb" and leave a trail of leaves upon exploding.

Her teleporting animation is slightly altered, as she puts on a mask while it is taking place.

Being premium, this skin comes with unique voice acting.

Awesomenaut Showcase[ | ]

Showcase starts at 0:32 in the video.

Kunoichi Dizzy Showcase[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Dizzy, along with Commander Rocket, Qi'Tara, and Smiles, is part of a group called Rocket's Renegades. All of them were revealed by Ronimo Games at the same time. The old friend mentioned in her backstory and theme is Commander Rocket.
  • Dizzy was the first of "Rocket's Renegades" 'Nauts made available for play, via Beta.
  • Dizzy is related to Froggy G, being his cousin. She was his aunt during 4.1 Beta due to a translation error.
  • Dizzy has the longest theme song in the game, at 2 minutes and 53 seconds. This is technically topped by the extended version of Ted's theme song, but that never plays in-game.

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