Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Dizzy Dash

Multi Dash [edit]
Save multiple dashes to unleash unto your enemies. Deals damage per dash.
Damage 160 (251.2)
Charges 3
Reload Time 4s
Cooldown Between Dashes 0.4s
Distance 7.5

UI Skillbutton Dizzy Attack

Bubble Shot [edit]
Fire a fast-moving bubble that deals damage.
Damage 70 (109.9)
Attack speed 120
Projectile Speed 22
Range 5.7
Explosion Size 1.8
Projectile Size 0.6

UI Skillbutton Dizzy Blow

Explosive Clone [edit]
Leave a water clone at your location that explodes after a delay.
Damage 360 (565.2)
Cooldown 7s
Radius 4.4
Explosive Arm Time 0.9s

UI Skillbutton Dizzy Jump

Sassy Hop [edit]
Hop around with a sassy look.
Jumps 1
Jump Height 11