Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Use your Multi Dash to quickly get in and out of combat as well as to chase and escape enemies.
  • When compared to Froggy G, Dizzy's dashes are shorter ranged, do not apply stun and do not make her invincible. Extra care needs to be taken when using it.
  • Should you feel the need to be more mobile on the battlefield, upgrades such as "Ribbit Ribbit Real Good", Backstage Pass and Walkbot Pro can all help you to achieve that.
  • Play more defensively when faced with crowd control reliant enemies and if possible, try to bait their attacks in order to more safely approach them and consider purchasing Baby Kuri Mammoth.
  • Your Explosive Clone spawns at your exact location. Try to use your multi-dash to leave it closer to an enemy, or to block their escape route. You can also use it to block paths, so that enemies are discouraged from chasing after your low health teammates.
  • Try to predict where your enemies will go next and lay a clone on their path.
  • Take advantage of your many dashes and Explosive Clone's low cooldown and clear lanes of as many enemy droids as you can.
  • Golden G Necklace can make provide your explosive clones with more area denial.
  • "Purple Prince" Lipstick and Matching Glittery Dungarees can provide you with some manner of crowd control, to allow you to help your team during fights as well as make it harder for enemies to escape.
  • Purchasing Blowfish Nozzle for your Bubble Shot can improve your zoning capabilities.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Dizzy's multi dash is more fitting as a damage dealing tool rather than initiation. She is better at following up on what you do than starting a fight by herself.
  • Dizzy's low health make her more vulnerable than the average 'naut. Try and protect her if you have the tools to do so.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Remember: unlike Froggy G, Dizzy's dashes won't make her invincible. Feel free to attack her during it.
  • Abilities that are easy to land can be even more effective than high damaging ones when dealing with Dizzy, such as Acid Spit, Suicide Drones' lasers and Weedling projectiles can be effective, considering her low health.
    • Conversely, investing in area denial can make it very hard for her to manouver into your team with her dashes to lay an explosive clone. Grid Traps, Mines and Saw Blade are a few examples of abilities that can do that.
  • Dizzy's low health is her greatest weakness, which can be particularly exploited via crowd control and high burst damage.
    • Since Dizzy is heavily reliant on her skills, silence is particularly strong against her.
  • Dizzy can easily push lanes via Explosive Clone. Try forcing her out of the lane even if you can't kill her.
  • Keep track of Dizzy's multi dash charges to know when to better punish her.
  • Avoid staying around Dizzy when low on health as she can very easily close the gap between you and her.