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DroidWaveSpawner are mainly used to spawn droids on both team. However you can spawn what you want.

Field Description Possible values Type
spawnPosition:TEAM_ZERO Position of the red droid spawner Position ([ x ] [ y ])
spawnPosition:TEAM_ONE Position of the blue droid spawner Position ([ x ] [ y ])
timeBeforeFirstWave Required amout of time before the first droid wave will spawn Number
timeBetweenWaves Time between droid wave spawns Number
numberOfDroidsToSpawn Amount of droids that will spawn at once Number
className Name of the creep that will spawn Text
aiFileName The AI the spawned creep will use Text

Additional notes[ | ]

  • If the gamemode is set to deathmatch, creeps will not spawn
  • To get the normal melee droids you pick CreepDroidMelee as class name.
  • The AI for Melee droids is AIMeleeCreep.
  • Droids have seperate AI for using the upper lane. That AI is called AIMeleeCreepUp.
  • A droidWaveSpawner will create 2 red selectable box that you will be able to move. Moving the 2 box will change either spawnPositon:TEAM_ZERO or spawnPosition:TEAM_ONE