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Droids are AI-controlled minions belonging to the red or blue teams. They follow a preset path towards the enemy base and won't stop until they either find an enemy unit, are crowd controlled or destroyed. As of patch 3.2.6, a maximum of 48 droids can exist in a match at any given time, older droids being destroyed automatically, should new ones cause the number to go over this cap. This is to prevent performance issues.

Lane Droids[ | ]

The Droids level up with their team, gaining 3.5% health and 2% damage each level.

Sawblade Droids[ | ]

Sawblade Droid
Sawblade Droids are the basic Droids that spawn from Bases and walk towards Turrets. They spawn in packs of two. These are the only Droids that do melee damage.

Their main purpose is to take damage from Turrets while attacking them, thus protecting allied Awesomenauts nearby who can attack the enemy Turret without taking damage.

Sawblade Droid Stats
Health:850 (1415.25)
Damage:72 (119.88)
Attack Speed: 54.54
Range: 2.7
Health Regeneration: 1800 HP / Minute
Movement: 4.6
Damage against turrets: 85% | 105% | 125%| 145%
Size: 100% | 106.7% | 113.3% | 120%
Turret Shielding: 30%
Solar Bounty: 5
Xp Bounty: 5 +4% per level
Spawn Amount: 4, 2 on AI Station 404.
Initial Spawn: 30 Seconds Ribbit IV and Aiguillon, 45 Seconds Sorona and AI Station 404.
Respawn Interval: 20 Seconds, 15 Seconds AI Station 404.

Hummingbird Droids[ | ]

Humming Droid
Humming Droids (Also known as Flying Droids or Mosquito Droids) are only naturally generated on AI Station 404 and AI Station 205. They are spawned by pressing the button on the Droid Releaser. Raelynn can use her T-800 Dome upgrade to summon one of these Droids, which does not drop Solar. They shoot homing energy bursts that track onto their target. They are also the only Droids able to attack the innermost bottom lane turret on AI Station 404.

With the addition of Genji to the Awesomenauts cast, his The Last Pieridae Transformae upgrade can be used to polymorph an enemy Sawblade Droid into a Humming Droid which helps your team. This Humming Droid does not drop Solar upon death, and has reduced health and damage compared to the AI Station Droids.

Humming Droid Stats
Health:400 (666)
Damage:60 (99.9)
Attack Speed: 60
Range: 12.6
Speed: 12
Homing: 3600
Movement: 7.2
Damage against turrets: 60% | 80% | 100%| 120%
Solar Bounty: 5
Xp Bounty: 5 +4% per level.
Respawn Interval: 10 Seconds, 25 Seconds after the Humming Droids have been previously released

Super Droid[ | ]

Super Droid
These Droids spawn when a team destroys an enemy Turret. They carry a ranged rocket launcher that deals 400 damage in an area around the impact point. These Droids are not affected by Droid leveling, and have health regeneration.
Super Droid Stats
Health:1500 (2497.5)
Damage:400 (666)
Attack Speed: 20
Range: 11
Explosion Size: 3
Speed: 8
Homing: 40
Health Regeneration: 300 HP / Minute
Movement: 3
Damage against turrets: 100%
Solar Bounty: 10
Xp Bounty: 15 +4% per level