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Not to be confused with Profile Level or Awesomenaut Level.

The Experience System is a feature first introduced in Patch 2.13 with the goal of increasing the game's complexity, moving it away from the single resource model (Solar only), smooth out the "power gain" within the matches (which felt lopsided according to Ronimo members) and make damage item less mandatory.

In it, players acquire experience by killing creeps, droids, enemy Awesomenauts and structures, which increases the overall team's Experience level. Once a team acquires enough experience, they level up. Gaining more damage and health. Awesomenauts gain 3% more damage, 4% more health and 3% more regeneration (based off of their base stats) per level while droids gain 3.5% more damage and health (also based on their base stats) each time the team levels up. Healthpacks and creeps gain 4% more healing power per level.

Any Awesomenaut can collect experience for their team by simply being close to an enemy or neutral entity that dies (although the same death will not proc twice if two Awesomenauts are in the vincinity, for instance). Directly killing an enemy will always result in experience gain however, so if an enemy flees only to die from a Damage Over Time effect far away from the source, they still yield experience.

In order to prevent one team from using their increased stats from their level advantage to overwhelm their weaker opponent, the amount of experience gained from killing enemy units and structures is directly affected by the level of the team, decreasing by 4% for each level gained over the opposing team and increasing by 4% for each level the opposing team has gained over them. This allows teams who are falling behind to catch up more easily (for instance, normally for a kill you get 40% of the XP the enemy team needs to gain a level from 0 to 100%. If the victim is one level higher than you, you get 44%. If the victim is one level lower than you, you get 36%.)

In this example, Clunk kills creeps, gaining xp for his team...


...and eventually, his team levels up, becoming more powerful.


Experience System Values[ | ]

Needed Experience amount:[ | ]

Level Required Exp. Total required Exp.
Level 1 135 xp* 0 xp
Level 2 153 xp 153 xp
Level 3 171 xp 324 xp
Level 4 189 xp 513 xp
Level 5 207 xp 720 xp
Level 6 225 xp 945 xp
Level 7 243 xp 1188 xp
Level 8 261 xp 1449 xp
Level 9 279 xp 1728 xp
Level 10 297 xp 2025 xp
Level 11 315 xp 2340 xp
Level 12 333 xp 2673 xp
Level 13 351 xp 3024 xp
Level 14 369 xp 3393 xp
Level 15 387 xp 3780 xp
Level 16 405 xp 4185 xp
Level 17 423 xp 4608 xp
Level 18 441 xp 5049 xp
Level 19 459 xp 5508 xp
Level 20 477 xp 5955 xp

*Level 1 is the default starting level and no experience is required to reach it, the 135 required xp is merely for bounty calculation purposes (see below).

Experience Bounties[ | ]

Enemy Awesomenauts[ | ]

  • 40% of the enemy team's level experience. Killing a level 10 Awesomenaut (while at level 10 yourself) grants 118.8 experience (297*0.4), for instance.

Creeps[ | ]

  • Small creeps = 5xp
  • Solar Boss = 50xp

Droids[ | ]

  • Sawblade droids = 5xp
  • Hummingbird droids = 5xp
  • Superdroids = 15xp

Structures[ | ]

* There are no experience bonuses available for firstblood or ending killstreaks.