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FroggyG Alpha

Health: 1200 (2112)
Movement Speed: 8.68
Attack Type: Short Range
Role: Assassin
Mobility: Swift
Froggy G [edit] Difficulty: Easy

Development Name: Dasher

Type of abilities: Area of Effect, Stun, Shield, Reflect, Slow Release Date: May 1st, 2012

UI Skillbutton Dasher Dash

Splash Dash [edit]
Harnessing his aquatic payload, Froggy launches himself with incredible velocity towards his foes. Dashing straight through multiple targets he leaves them stunned!
Damage 280 (439.6)
Cooldown 7.5s
Distance 12.15
Stun Duration 0.7s
Self Stun Duration 0.2s

UI Skillbutton Dasher Attack

Bolt .45 Fish-gun [edit]
The Ribitian Spitfish (Spittious Maximus) is known for its ability to shoot jets of water near the speed of sound. Coaxed correctly, it makes for one lethal ally!
Damage 60 (94.2)
Attack Speed 133.3
Range 4.8

UI Skillbutton Dasher Whirlwind

Tornado [edit]
Froggy G can transform himself into a whirling waterspout of pain! While spinning madly, he damages everyone foolish enough to come near him!
Damage 427 (670.39)
Attack Speed 300
Cooldown 11.6s
Duration 1.6s
Size 4
Movement 5.7

UI Skillbutton Dasher Jump

Frog Jump [edit]
Charging his waterpack, Froggy can leap higher than any frog has leaped before. The longer the charge, the higher the jump!
Jump Height 10
Jumps 1
UI Skillbutton Dasher Dash Skill Froggy Hydro splash Skill Froggy Ice cubes Skill Froggy Golden watch Skill Froggy Hammer pants Skill Froggy Clock necklace Skill Froggy Hydro smash
UI Skillbutton Dasher Whirlwind Skill Froggy Beat box Skill Froggy Turbo tape Skill Froggy Can't touch this Skill Froggy Bio fuel cells Skill Froggy Twister tweeters Skill Froggy Right back at ya!
UI Skillbutton Dasher Attack Skill Froggy Swirling octopus cartridges Skill Froggy Piranha cartridges Skill Froggy Mutant worms Skill Froggy Viridian eel cartridges Skill Froggy Mutant worms Limited ninja edition Skill Froggy Thorn fish
UI Skillbutton Dasher Jump Upgrade Power pills turbo Upgrade Med-i'-can Shop Icons Overall DasherSpeed Shop Icons Overall Shield Upgrade Piggy bank Shop Icons Overall ccReduction

Back Story

Straight out of the marsh pond ghettos of planet Ribbit IV comes the amphibious B.I.G., also known as Nate Frogg, but mostly known as Froggy G. Growing up in the baddest part of town, struggle and incarceration surrounded Froggy from an early age. Taking part in his first swim-by shootout as a tadpole, Froggy seemed destined for a life of crime and prison.

After a bloody gangwar with the neighbouring Toad-unit posse ended in a 5 year jail sentence, Froggy G vowed to end his gangsta ways. Instead, Froggy G started earning his keep as a beatboxing streetdancer and rapper, hoping to be picked up by a major record label. Unfortunately, his tracks titled "Pond Pimpin", "Froggin' dirty" and "Motherfrogger bounce!" didn't earn him much.

In order to make some money, and then make some mo', Froggy G became a hired gun. Combining his shoot-out experiences with lethal watery dance-moves and beatboxing techniques, Froggy G now spins and dashes across intergalactic battlefields, droppin foo's left and right with his fishgun, hoping to make some money to take his momma out of the hood.


Theme Song Lyrics

"It's the Froggy G

Hop and jump from nook to creek

Croakin' rhymes from A to Z

It's the Froggy G

Every toad would like to be

Such a playa, can't you see?"

Voice actor: Anthony Haynes


▶️"Yo mama's so fat..."

▶️"Ribbit ribbit real good!"

▶️"Don't touch da 'fro!"

▶️"Bring it! What?!"

▶️"This my pond! I ain't goin' nowhere."

▶️"I see ya, but I wouldn't wanna be ya."

▶️"Can't touch this." - Reference to MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This.[1]


▶️"Help a frog out!"

▶️"Frogger be bleedin'!"

▶️"Yo man, I'm hurtin'!"

▶️"I'm croakin' over here!"




▶️"Attack, man!"

▶️"Attack, yo!"

▶️"Attack, attack!"





▶️"Defend, man!"


▶️"Froggy G left the Buildin'!" - Reference to Elvis Presley.[2]

▶️"Yo homies, smell you later." - Reference to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.[3]

▶️"G. Out!"



▶️"Daddy got a brand new bag." - A reference to Papa's Got a Brand New Bag[4], a song by James Brown.[5]


▶️"Grand master splash in da house"

▶️"At the Frog, at the Frog"

▶️"Can't touch this." - Reference to MC Hammer's U Can't Touch This.[6]

▶️"Make some noise for the Frog!"

Drop Pod In

▶️"Hopping here, hopping here!" - A reference to Party Up (Up in Here)[7], a song by rapper DMX[8].

▶️"Grand master splash in da house!"

▶️"At the frog, at the frog!"

▶️"Make some noise for the Frog!"

Killing Blow

▶️"Holla holla, dolla dolla!"

▶️"They see me whirlin', they hatin'" - A reference to Ridin'[9]: a single by American rapper Chamillionaire.[10]

▶️"You had G on it!"

▶️"It wasn't me." - A reference to It Wasn't Me[11] by Shaggy.[12]

Killing Spree

▶️"Damn it's good to be a gangsta!" - A reference to Geto Boys[13]

▶️"This is how I roll!"

▶️"Don't hate the game, hate the player!"

Being Hit










On Death

▶️"Ain't that a... aww!"


▶️"Aw, I'm croakin'... Oh!"

Nauts In-Game Look


Froggy G ingame

Default Skin.

Base Frog Skin

Default Skin.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Grandmaster Splash.

Grandmaster Splash Skin

Grandmaster Splash.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Pimpy G.

Pimpy G Skin

Pimpy G.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Digital G.

Digital G Skin

Digital G.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)

Minimap Icon

Ui minimap player dasher 0

Scoreboard Icon

Classicon Dasher

Skin Information

Grandmaster Splash

CharacterRender Froggy Skin Phelps

"Ready? Set! GO!!! 16 times Space Olympic gold medalist Froggy G is here to farm some gold with perfect technique and a brutal training schedule. Add to that a pair of supertight swimming trunks and we've got a clear winner. The Grandmaster Splash skin!" - Official Steam Store Description

This skin gives Froggy G dark green skin and fish fins. He also wears a gold medal with the Awesomenauts emblem on it, along with new swimming gear. The Bolt .45 Fish-gun also gains a new color scheme, with stripes instead of polka dots.

The Twister Tweeters explosion effect is changed to a "ring" effect.

Pimpy G

CharacterRender Froggy Skin Pimp redBG

"Them superfly leather suede jeans. That's Pimpin'! That black belt of bling. That's Pimpin'! Them "eyes on the money" glasses. That's Pimpin'! That gold 'n diamond "smack you fools" cane. That's Pimpin'! Pimpy G is pimpin' and you know it." - Official Steam Store Description

This skin gives Froggy G a striped hat, a new clock necklace, a coat with polka-dotted fur, star-shaped tinted glasses and a pair of white jeans. The Bolt .45 Fish-gun is completely golden, with a cane below it, and gems for eyes.

New gem particle effects are added to the Tornado.

Digital G

CharacterRender digital g

"He's rockin' them cybersonic beats. Next level digital sound. Bringing that techno flow, that future yo! Bringing swagger to the elite mercenary force known as The Killer Koalas! It's Digital G, foo!" - Official Steam Store Description

This skin was awarded to all backers of the Awesomenauts: Starstorm Expansion Kickstarter Campaign, and is also available on the Steam Store.

In this skin, Froggy G has futuristic armor, complete with a visor. His water canister also looks futuristic and he has water cartridges strapped on his armor. Froggy doesn't have hair on this skin. The fish gun has a visor too. This skin also adds robotic sounds to Froggy's Tornado and Frog Jump.

Awesomenaut Showcase


  • According to his backstory, Froggy G's real name is Nate Frogg. This is a reference to the rapper Nate Dogg[14].
  • Froggy G is one of the "original six" Awesomenauts that came with the game when it first launched, along with Clunk, Leon, Lonestar, Voltar and Yuri.
  • Froggy G is one of the three Awesomenauts that can fight in his own homeworld (Ribbit IV), the others being Leon and Dizzy.
  • Froggy G's concept and style are likely based on a segment from the 80s cartoon "The Comic Strip"[15] called "Street Frogs".
  • Digital G is a member of the Killer Koalas, along with Bionic Raelynn, Cyber Coco, Ghost Leon, Roboscoop and Ted McPain.
  • Froggy G is one of the "beginner nauts" and, as such, is can be played for free by players who are below profile level 8.



13/9/2013 Froggy G/Rappin' & Slappin'


Playing As:

  • Use your high mobility to initiate and escape all kinds of situation and to cover more than one lane as much as you can. Your low health won't be enough if the enemy team gets to you.
  • Consider purchasing Swirling Octopus Cartridges if you are having trouble keeping yourself in the lane and farming safely.
  • Using your Splash Dash in a way that you end right next to your target will give you a larger window of opportunity to damage your enemy with Tornado or the Bolt .45 Fish-gun.
  • Hammer Pants upgrade description explains that you must "aim at the ground to execute". In reality, the effect will occur if you hit any kind of terrain, including walls, the ceiling and enemy structures (even Skree's totem will do the trick!).
  • Both Can't Touch This and Right Back At Ya! allow Froggy G to damage turrets with little to no punishment.
  • Turbo Tape can turn Tornado into a powerful chasing and escaping tool.
  • If you purchase Mutant Worms: Limited Ninja Edition, try to attack between skills to make the most use of it.

Playing With:

  • If Froggy G is your initiator, you might wanna save your more powerful abilities for when he uses Splash Dash, but be ready to help him in case he misses!
  • Froggy G is naturally vulnerable to Crowd Control. Try and protect him from it if you can.

Playing Against:

  • Froggy G has very low health, making burst and crowd control particularly dangerous for him.
  • While Froggy G is immune to all forms of direct damage during Splash Dash, debuffs will still be applied to him.
  • As a brawler, Froggy G excels in one versus one combat. Be sure to stick to your team and avoid being lined/grouped up as to make sure at least one team member avoids Splash Dash's stun and is ready to punish him for it.
  • If Froggy G is using Right Back At Ya!, stop using attacks that can be reflected until it wears off. See a list of what can be reflected and what cannot here.
  • Tornado can be interrupted by some crowd control effects, like stuns. Rubber Ducky Choker and Cortex Tank's ministun are particularly good for this.
  • If an enemy Froggy G is constantly using his Splash Dash to attack, save a Crowd Control effect to punish him afterwards or maybe even kill him.