Awesomenauts Wiki


Splash Dash - Clock Necklace, Ice Cubes, Hydro Smash or Golden Watch

Tornado - N/A

Fish Gun - Thorn Fish, Mutant Worms: Limited Ninja Edition, Piranha Catridges

Standard - Space Air Max, Piggy Bank, Power Pills Turbo

The Shotgun Splasher build is a slightly costly but very effective method. It doesn't even need the Tornado to use. First, get the Splash Dash and Clock Necklace. You will now be able Dash at a fairly quick rate. Next, rack up solar for the Thorn Fish upgrade. From there, get the rest of the upgrades until you are sufficient.

This build is very powerful, if used correctly. It can get many kills for you and your team. The 1.5 sec stun is useful for putting enemies in place, letting either you with your gun or the rest of your team to start wailing on the enemy. Alone, however, you are still a stronger attack with your fish shotgun. The speed and health are important, as the speed lets you catch up to most enemies (since Froggy G is the fastest characer aside from Voltar and Coco), and the health let you survive decently. Alternatively, the regular power pills work as well. However, they are not as important as speed, since with this build, you should be dealing insane damage.