Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Use your high mobility to initiate and escape all kinds of situation and to cover more than one lane as much as you can. Your low health won't be enough if the enemy team gets to you.
  • Consider purchasing Swirling Octopus Cartridges if you are having trouble keeping yourself in the lane and farming safely.
  • Using your Splash Dash in a way that you end right next to your target will give you a larger window of opportunity to damage your enemy with Tornado or the Bolt .45 Fish-gun.
  • Hammer Pants upgrade description explains that you must "aim at the ground to execute". In reality, the effect will occur if you hit any kind of terrain, including walls, the ceiling and enemy structures (even Skree's totem will do the trick!).
  • Both Can't Touch This and Right Back At Ya! allow Froggy G to damage turrets with little to no punishment.
  • Turbo Tape can turn Tornado into a powerful chasing and escaping tool.
  • If you purchase Mutant Worms: Limited Ninja Edition, try to attack between skills to make the most use of it.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • If Froggy G is your initiator, you might wanna save your more powerful abilities for when he uses Splash Dash, but be ready to help him in case he misses!
  • Froggy G is naturally vulnerable to Crowd Control. Try and protect him from it if you can.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Froggy G has very low health, making burst and crowd control particularly dangerous for him.
  • While Froggy G is immune to all forms of direct damage during Splash Dash, debuffs will still be applied to him.
  • As a brawler, Froggy G excels in one versus one combat. Be sure to stick to your team and avoid being lined/grouped up as to make sure at least one team member avoids Splash Dash's stun and is ready to punish him for it.
  • If Froggy G is using Right Back At Ya!, stop using attacks that can be reflected until it wears off. See a list of what can be reflected and what cannot here.
  • Tornado can be interrupted by some crowd control effects, like stuns. Rubber Ducky Choker and Cortex Tank's ministun are particularly good for this.
  • If an enemy Froggy G is constantly using his Splash Dash to attack, save a Crowd Control effect to punish him afterwards or maybe even kill him.