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My personal loadout. I thought I'd share it with you, not only becasue (at the time) there were no other builds, but because i wanted to show that there is an agressive side to a defensive charectar.


Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Cacoon: Jarga Eggs; Prefab Cacoobs; Butterfly Nebula Dust/ The Last Pieridae Transformae/Moon Nector

Monarch Blessing: The Cat Pillar; Kremzon calendar; Spiritual Cooking

Butterfly Shot: Storm Drum; Plastic Praying Beads; Space-Hippo Manure Incense

Utility: Solar Tree; Piggy Bank; Power Pills (Free)

Purchase Order[ | ]

>Piggy Bank (It's Free)

>Power Pills (It's Free)

>Solar Tree (Incresing Solar Intake)


>Storm 1/3 (Helps Prevent an early push; Destroys Gnaw Nests; Forces a Derpl to move)

>Prefab Cacoons 1/2 (Can finish off people behind turrets; Helps Prevent an early push)

>Space-Hippo manure incense (It's Like posion, sometimes it's enough to get that one kill)

>Storm Drum 2/3

>Prefab Cacoons 2/2

>Monarch Blessing (It will act as basically a regen)

>The Cat Pillar (It will act as basically act as regen)

>Jagra Eggs (By now you should want to hit tanks)

>Storm Drum 3/3

>Plastic praying beads (To really get some damage)

>The Cat Pillar 2/3

>Siritual Cooking

>The Cat Pillar 3/3

>Everything Else

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

Keep in mind that you are not a tank. You are a flexible (Both Agressive and defensive) defender. You prevent pushed and can sometimes kill a tank. (Especially against Derpl) You should Drain people's heath and right before the retreat get on the other side of them and when they get out of the cacoon, finish them off. You really shouldn't attempt this alone. Gooad temates include: Depl; Derpl (Sniper Cat); Cocoa (Agressive); Gnaw (A); And Raylyn. Have fun out there.

--Shoful (talk) 16:22, March 15, 2013 (UTC)