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Ui skillbutton butterfly cocoon

Cocoon [edit]
Entin silk is not only very fashionble in some parts of the galaxy, but it's also one of the most sturdy materials around! Gurgling and spitting out a ball of the webbed silk, Genji can envelop his enemies in a cocoon, making them unable to attack or be attack for a short period of time.
Cooldown 10s
Duration 2
Range 6

Ui skillbutton butterfly shoot

Butterfly Shot [edit]
Carrying the staff of the Popae office, Genji can shoot ethereal butterflies from its tip, sending them out in a flurry and making them return to cause another hit on their way back!
Damage 65 (102.05)
Attack Speed 75
Range 7.4

Ui skillbutton butterfly blessing

Monarch Blessing [edit]
Offering a prayer to the great and allmighty Space-Butterfly, Genji receives such a powerful blessing that it spills from his body to every nearby ally, wrapping them in a glowing blanket of protective goodness!
Shield 20%
Cooldown 14s
Duration 3s
Range 8

Ui skillbutton butterfly jump

Flutter Jump [edit]
Genji, as the chosen avatar to represent the Space-Butterfly in battle, is granted spectral wings to extend his jump for those crucial seconds that could mean the difference between life or a one-way ticket to the allmighty Bugzapper in the sky.
Jump Height 7.2
Additional Jump Height 4
Jumps 3 (Hover)
Max Hover Duration 1s