Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Tapping the jump button will keep you in the air for longer than just holding it down.
  • Genji is able to play a variety of roles. He can set up ganks, push droids or focus on supporting with shields and heals.
  • Bronco Yeast will help you counter abilities and upgrades with low damage, but high attack speed such as Timerift, Laser and Fire Breath.
  • While inside Cocoon, enemies are invulnerable to all sorts of external damage. Tell your allies to save their abilities for when the target comes out of it.
  • Cocoon will bounce off of walls and the ceiling until it hits the ground, a target, or it expires.
  • Be mindful of your teammates when using Cocoon or you may end up "saving" your enemies from abilities such as Black Hole Sun or Explode.
  • Cocoon is able to interrupt some enemy abilities, such as Self-Destruct, Nuke and Snipe.
  • Cocoon is one of the most versatile abilities in the game. It can be used to secure a kill, allowing your teammates time to proper position themselves against the victim, as an escape mechanism or (with the proper upgrades) as a powerful pushing tool. Experiment with different upgrades to find your playstyle.
  • Despite being a crowd control effect, Cocoon will ignore cc-immunity shields.
  • Cocoon can be reflected. It might be useful to cast it anyway, to shield yourself from enemy damage.
  • Space-Hippo Manure Incense is applied to structures at reduced damage.
  • Caterpillar King Statue heals Awesomenauts only, don't bother using it on droids.
  • Storm Drum spawns at the maximum range of Butterfly Shot. To avoid overshooting droids with it when farming, fly above them and fire downwards so that the cloud spawns on the ground.
  • Storm Drum clouds affect a large area around them and ignore terrain. It is possible to kill an enemy hiding behind a turret with it.
  • When an enemy is cocooned, use Storm Drum right before they exit the cocoon to ensure they'll take the extra damage.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Be close to Genji whenever possible so that he can more easily shield you.
  • You might wanna save your more powerful abilities for after Genji uses his Cocoon, so that it is not wasted. With proper team coordination, it can be a very powerful ganking tool.
  • Do your best to protect Genji from his enemies: He has poor acceleration specially without boots. Cocoon is the only way he has for stopping enemies that may kill him. He's particularly vulnerable to ganks.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Avoid staying in a line with your team when facing a Genji, since his autoattack has innate piercing. This way you won't take as much damage as a group.
  • Genji has average speed and poor acceleration, especially before buying boots, making him easier to chase and land abilities on.
  • Monarch Blessing will reduce damage taken by a significant percentage. Consider saving your more powerful abilities for when the shield duration ends.
  • Genji can play many different roles in a match. Use the score screen (Tab on keyboards, back/select on controllers) to see what upgrades he has purchased and plan accordingly.
  • Being a projectile, cocoon is susceptible to reflect and deflect mechanics.
  • If you see Genji's staff glowing, it means that Storm Drum is ready. Try to bait out an attack so he wastes it.
  • Silencing Genji before he can use his powerful abilities can greatly assist in bringing him down.
  • Netting Genji away from his team and using much CC on him is a very good way to shut him down, because other than his abilities he has poor escape mechanics, especially when ganged up on.
  • The best way to trap Genji is by using hard CC abilities, such as snares and stuns. Due to his low acceleration, throws, heavy knockback, and stuns will keep him in one place better.