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This build is OUTDATED. This means you will have to improvise to make it work. Builds are outdated when Power Pills (or Free Pills) are included in the strategy. Free Pills have been removed from the game because players stacked the pills with Power Pills Turbo.skirmisher gnaw

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Acid spit: overcharged metabolism, feather ball, spike slime

Grow weedlings:corrosive spores, any other upgrades you feel like

Bite: Rotten teeth, chattering teeth, dental braces

Misc:Space Air Max, Piggy Bank, Power Pills

Purchase Order[ | ]

Piggy Bank

Acid Spit

Spike Slime

Rotten teeth

grow weedlings

space air max

overcharged metabolism

spike slime

feather ball

rotten teath

a weedling upgrade

a weedling upgrade

anything you want from here

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

Overview[ | ]

This build is for a gnaw that doesn't focus on weedlings but on close quarters fighting. This build plays a little bit like a Coco build if it focused on close quarters and less ranged.

Early Game[ | ]

In the beggining of the game you want to get your acid slime and attack any enemy who gets close. Once they get close it will be in your interests to charge them and chase them back to their turret. If you get close during this chase make sure to spit on them, if they dont have any health upgrades you can usually make them have to go back and heal. bying the upgrades to keep your DPS high.

Tips:[ | ]

1. If you can get an enemy with 2 rounds of acid spit (and manage to bite very often) it's almost a guaranteed kill (as long as they dont get to health packs first)

2.Try to keep your health highish (gnaw doesnt have that much health and one wrong encounter with skolldir or a Tank character at low health can be fatal. You are not a tank dont try to be)

3.When fighting skolldir or clunk try and jump over him and attack them from behind (they are slow ad if you can dodge their bullets and slowly chip at their health they will probably go away)

4. Don't try and take on the entire team at once. Acid spit can only injure 2 enemies at a time. (once again you are not a tank)

5.Try to get your acid slime hit in as fast as possible so that the damage over time kicks in before they get back.

Mid Game[ | ]

At this point people will probably be able to withstand your skirmishing and will push back hard when you get close space air max are the key here. when you get low on health you can book it back to your turret drop a weedling behind it a teleport to the shop. overcharged metabolism is also useful to get last hits when you and a teammate gang up on an enemy.

Tips:[ | ]

1. get in and get out, you don't want to get killed by a cloaked leon hitting you on your way out. So move quickly

2. if your safe behind a turret feel free to spit out infront of it before you teleport to shop (you never know you might catch a leon who was chasing you while cloaked)

3. if one of your opponents is leon watch for the blue poison marker for when you've accidently bit or poisoned one (if you come after someone who is cloaked and get them with acid spit you might get a kill, but they sure as hell they wont be expecting it)

late Game[ | ]

This build becomes a lot less offensive late game as you turn your focus back to weedlings. Once the enemy has maxed out their skills you wont be able to get up close and personnal any more. this is where feather ball is your best friend especialy because it shoots in an arch.(ie you can hide behind low drops and shoot out [especialy when sieging the 2nd turret on the bottom of ribbit 4 {note: you wont hit the turret just damage anyone who peeks their head out.}]). with feather ball you can stay back and launch the acid down drops over small bumps and at anyone who tries to fight you at a longer range.

1. if you launch the acid above a turret it will fall straight down (possibly on any coco's or skolldir's trying to get a hit)

2.close combat is not your friend anymore (ESPECIALLY when sieging bases )

3. remember to get your weedlings down (look for other guides as to how to use your weedlings)

4.youre health will be lower than everyone elses as they will eventually get more health upgrades than your one (you are not a tank you will be most likely wrecked if you head in against more than 2 (you will probably die against 2 unless you are very good at platforming up and down and overall dodging))

--Bcann1 (talk) 23:35, November 21, 2012 (UTC)