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Do you want to win matches with only limited to no skill at all? Do you want to be half-way afk the whole match and still win? Then this build is for you! I've had a winning spree of over 21, and havn't lost for 5 days with this build. And that's playing with fully random teammates.

I'm only rank 2000 though, so wether this guide is OP or not is up for debate. If you are league 1 or 2, and disagree, I would like to hear your reasons, so leave a comment. League 3 or less and your opinion is invalid. There. I said it. Now let's get on to the guide.

Recommended Loadout / Build order

Click Link:

((While this is the full build, goo and bite upgrades are not even nessesary. hence this build is op with the extra abilities.))

How to play:

- Place weedlings on any platforms that one can jump through. They are always at the most strategic places.

- Place weedlings and spacings a bit larger than aylas rage bubble(un upgraded).

- Avoid personal confrontation, and go for droids instead, to get pieces of weedlings.

- If attacked, put weedlings in their face, and run. They will get stuck on the weedlings instead. Use goo and bite if standing ground is more desireable.

Pro tip:

- Your weedlings are displosable. Just keep planting them at strategic points, and it wont matter that the other team destroys them.

- Stay away from personal confrontations. Your plants will do enough map control.

- After maxing out your weedling and jump upgrades, you basically count as a level max naut. The rest is just extras. (hence op)