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UI Skillbutton Maw Spit

Acid Spit [edit]
Regurgitating leftovers from the trashcan at the local Nalconian Take-Away, Gnaw is able to barf up puddles of acidic goo that will burn unwary pedestrians for quite some time.
Damage 50 (78.5)
Damage Over Time 300 (471)
Damage Duration 9s
Cooldown 8
Time 4s
Range 6
Heal 20%

UI Skillbutton Maw Attack

Bite [edit]
A Skroggle’s jaws are not to be trifled with. Able to bite through Toughasnailium in a single chomp, you’d better stay out of Gnaw’s yard if you value your limbs.
Damage 70 (109.9)
Damage Over Time 100 (157)
Damage Duration 4s
Attack Speed 133.3
Range 2.8

UI Skillbutton Maw Turret

Grow Weedling [edit]
Gnaw has a special gland that is able to produce Weedlings - weird, sentient, plant-like creatures. Once nurtured, they are deposited on the ground from where they procede to shoot Gnaw’s enemies.
Parts 4
Damage 200 (314)
Weedling Damage 75 (117.75)
Attack Speed 74.1
Health 450 (792)
Weedling Starting Health 25%
Health Weedlings 2000 per min.
Life time 30s

UI Skillbutton Maw Jump

Skroggle Jump [edit]
Getting fed up with interplanetary mailmen that kept climbing into space-trees to avoid his jaws, Gnaw learned to jump for his meals!
Jump Height 10.4
Jumps 1