Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Tentacle Soup can help Gnaw in chasing his enemies.
  • Use Aggressive Acid on platforms above hide areas to force enemies out of them.
  • There are many spots on several maps that allow for Aggressive Acid to drip a long way down, covering a large area, such as the middle of Ribbit IV's top lane or the corners of the top hide area on Aiguillon.
  • Combining Aggressive Acid with Split Spit can make Acid Spit very hard to avoid.
  • Both Acid Spit and Bite can keep track of invisible enemies.
  • If you plant more weedlings than the current cap, the oldest one will be destroyed.
  • If your enemies are doing a good job at destroying your weedlings, consider investing some Solar into Acid Spit and/or Bite instead for better fighting presence.
    • Alternatively, you can purchase more weedling upgrades to make them more durable and dangerous to approach.
  • When using weedlings in different places, always keep an eye on them via the minimap, so you'll know if they are being attacked or have expired/been destroyed.
  • A popular tactic among Gnaw players consists of hiding weedlings in hide areas, to surprise enemy 'nauts.
  • Placing weedlings nearby neutral creep spawning areas allows Gnaw to have a steady supply of health, but also denies the creeps to every other 'naut on the match (even his own teammates). **Be careful when wandering too far from your team to replant the expired weedlings in the enemy territory, as they may ambush you more easily there.
  • You can plant a weedling on an enemy then use Acid Spit to fertilize the weedling and damage the enemy with spit.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • It might be worth dealing damage to enemies that are already poisoned by Acid Spit. The Damage Over Time effect might just finish them off.
  • Weedlings are very vulnerable when they first spawn, but can grow to become quite a threat. Be sure to protect and heal them whenever possible.
  • If you can, let Gnaw get creeps and droids to replenish his weedling parts.
  • If Gnaw is using Overcharged Metabolism, you may want to wait for him to spit on his enemies first before attacking them.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Healing and regeneration effects are your best "weapons" against Gnaw's poison attacks.
  • Weedlings cannot see into hide areas unless someone provides vision to them. You can safely shoot at them from a distance if such is the case.
  • Blinding effects will prevent weedlings from attacking, making them harmless for the duration.
  • Keep an eye on the pink bar above the weedlings' heads. If they are nearly empty, it means they will despawn soon, so don't risk yourself trying to destroy them.
  • Burst area of effect abilities are viable for taking out weedlings that are stacked together. Reflecting mechanics can do the trick as well.
  • Weedlings do not start at full health, being more vulnerable at the moment they spawn.
  • If you are having trouble taking out a large group of weedlings, it might be a better idea to chase after and kill Gnaw himself. All weedlings will die shortly after.
  • Healthpacks found around the map and from creeps cancel damage over time effects immediately, however lifestealing effects do not.
  • You can tell if a puddle of Acid Spit has Split Spit or not. The ones that do are larger than the ones that don't.
  • If affected by the Amplify Damage effect from Overcharged Metabolism, it is best to stay away from the enemy team as to avoid higher amounts of damage.
  • Be wary of your side of the jungle. Gnaw might sneak in and leave weedlings there, sustaining himself and denying you health creeps.