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Groggy F is one of the rival Blue Team Awesomenauts who appears in the tutorial of the console version of Awesomenauts. His name is derived from his counterpart, Froggy G.

Events[ | ]

After the player destroys the Blue Team's turret, two rival Awesomenauts from the Blue Team, Clint (Lonestar) & Groggy F (Froggy G) attack the player. (On Xbox 360 & PS3, Groggy F attacks after Clint is killed by the player).

Behaviour[ | ]

Groggy F is very easy to kill as he misses almost all of his strikes and rarely uses his special abilities, often missing when he does.

If the player is killed, Groggy F will attack ally droids. In the tutorial droids deal a higher amount of damage, resulting in them easily killing Groggy F.

If there are none around, Groggy F will attack the Red Team Turret and die in his attempt to destroy it.


Death message displayed when the player kills Groggy F

On older versions of the game, the pair have been known to respawn after being killed, while the player is attacking the Blue Drillcore.