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Healthpacks are placed around the maps as a way for Awesomenauts to regain health without having to go back to the base. Once taken, Healthpacks heal a 'naut for 400 health and take 2 minutes to respawn. Neutral Creeps drop smaller healthpacks which heal for 200 health, with the Solar Boss dropping a unique 100% healthpack. Healthpacks found around maps and healthpacks dropped from creeps scales by a factor of 4% each time a team gains a level, healing for 704 and 352 respectively at max level. The location of health packs can be seen on the mini-map. The location of a health pack is indicated by a green dot. The mini-map will not tell players if the healthpack has been used or not. If an allied Awesomenaut or Droid is close to a Neutral Creep, the mini-map will also show their location as green, moving dots.

As of Patch 3.4.3, healthpacks will vanish from the minimap upon being collected and reappear upon respawning.

Healthpack locations by map[ | ]

Note: In custom game modes, players have the option to add more healthpacks to the maps.

Ribbit IV[ | ]

Ribbit IV minimap

With 9 in total, Ribbit IV has the most healthpacks of any map: two of them are located just outside each base (through the lower path), 2 between the teams' bottom turrets, two between the teams' top turrets, two inside the Solar Boss areas and finally, a single one on the platform in the middle of the top lane.

Starstorm Station[ | ]


Starstorm Station has 4 healthpacks: two behind each team's inner bottom turrets and two behind the top turrets.

Sorona[ | ]


Sorona has 5 healthpacks: one behind each outer turret (4 in total) and one on top of the Worm.

AI Station 205[ | ]


AI Station 205 has 6 healthpacks: 2 behind each team's inner bottom turrets, 2 below each team's outer top turret, one in the middle of the map, on the Inferno Device area, and finally one in the jungle area.

Aiguillon[ | ]


Aiguillon has two healthpacks. One is located in the middle of the uppermost hide area and the other in the middle of the bottom hide area.

AI Station 404[ | ]

AI Station 404 minimap

AI Station 404 has 8 healthpacks: two behind the opposing teams' bottom turrets, two in front of them, two where the lanes merge into one, right behind the outer turrets, one in the middle of the anti-gravity field and one on the topmost platform of the jungle.

Healthpack-generating abilities and upgrades[ | ]

Note: Healthpacks generated by skills are team-exclusive (represented by team-coloured rings around the healthpack) and do not cleanse. Some skins may change the appearance of team healthpacks.

Genji[ | ]

Lonestar[ | ]

Ted McPain[ | ]

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