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Yuri (red) hides from Froggy G. (blue)

Most maps, except for AI Station 404 and AI Station 205, features hide areas. These are parts of the terrain that hide units from enemies outside of them. The only way to see what's inside a hide area is having a friendly unit ('naut, minion or droid) inside of it, or entering it.

Much like invisibility, hidden enemy units will not show up on the mini map, even if you have vision inside of it.

Hide areas locations[ | ]

Ribbit IV[ | ]

This map has three hide areas: One slightly below the middle of the top lane and two interconnected hide areas slightly above the middle of the bottom lane. Awesomenauts entering these areas will cause leaves to fall off of them, giving away their position.

Sorona[ | ]

This map has a single hide area above the worm button in the middle of the map. Awesomenauts entering this area will cause dust to fall off of it, giving away their position (although this is hard to notice).

Aiguillon[ | ]

This map has six hide areas: One above the top lane, one below the bottom lane, two in front of each team's outer bottom lane turrets and finally; two between each team's inner turrets.

Starstorm Station[ | ]

This map has one hide area in the middle of the bottom lane, above the waste disposal hatch that leads to the bottomless pit.

Hide Area revealing abilities[ | ]

Admiral Swiggins[ | ]

Chucho Krokk[ | ]

  • Turret (Default, turret grants vision).

Genji[ | ]

Gnaw[ | ]

Leon[ | ]

Lonestar[ | ]

Raelynn[ | ]

Sentry X-58[ | ]

Skree[ | ]

Ted McPain[ | ]

  • Airstrike (Default, tracer grants vision if it lands inside a hide area).

Voltar[ | ]

Tips and information[ | ]

  • While inside a hide area, players can see its yellow/orange outline that shows them the exact size of the particular area.
  • A popular tactic among players involves hiding hazardous objects such as Yuri's mines or Derpl's traps inside these areas in order to surprise enemies. Experienced players can often tell when a hidden area has been "booby-trapped" though, as these objects make beeping sounds that give away their position.
  • As of Patch 2.8, player names and healthbars will be hidden when they are inside hide areas.