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UI Skillbutton Vampire Jump.png

Hop Skip [edit]
Ayla's favored mode of transportation is the ancient art of hop skipping. Constantly using this natural force of propulsion, her resulting muscles allow her stubby little legs to propel her into the great (depending on the current planet) blue yonder!
Jump Height 7.8
Jumps 1
Upgrade Power pills turbo.png Power Pills Turbo [edit] Item 5 solar.png 130

Increases maximum health.

Insert pill into rear end of digestive tract.

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Health +8% +16%
Upgrade Med-i'-can.png Med-i'-can [edit] Item 5 solar.png 90

Automatically regenerate health.

Hello... anyone there? Please get me out of here!!!

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Regeneration +90% +180%
Upgrade Space air max.png Space Air Max [edit] Item 5 solar.png 135

Increases movement speed.

Fashionable and Fast.

Upgrade Lv1
Movement Varies per 'naut
Shop Icons Overall BirdSolarHealth.png Solar Krab Burgers [edit] Item 5 solar.png 150

Solar coins will heal you

This popular underwater fast food, makes your stomach resistant to solar.

Upgrade Lv1
Health/Solar 60 (105.6)
Upgrade Piggy bank.png Piggy Bank [edit] Item 5 solar.png 0

Gives 100 Solar.

This product was brought to you by Zork industries, exploiting Zurians since 2780.

Upgrade Lv1
Solar +100
Shop Icons Overall ccReduction.png Baby Kuri Mammoth [edit] Item 5 solar.png 110

Reduces the effect of all debuffs


Upgrade Lv1
Debuffs (Slow, Stun, Snare, Silence, Blind, Amplify Damage, Knockback, Slowdown, Gravity, Cocoon) -30%

Description[edit | edit source]

Ayla jumps up in the air. The jump is higher the longer the button is pressed. While Rage is active, this jump toggles Flight on and off.

In-Game Look[edit | edit source]

Teddy skin
Shaolin skin