Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Shifter Bondnew

Psionic Bond / Displace [edit]
Throw a crystal against another naut to create a bond, healing allies or damaging enemies upon connection. While bonded, use the skill again to switch places with the naut. The bond breaks when the line reaches its limit, when it collides with a turret/team wall or when it expires.
Heal 160 (251.2)
Heal over time 75 (117.75)
Damage 160 (251.2)
Damage per second 65 (102.05)
Duration 3s
Cooldown 8s
Cooldown (Displace) 12s

UI Skillbutton Shifter Attacknew

Radiate [edit]
Shoot a crystalline bolt and short ranged scattering crystals.
Bolt damage 60 (94.2)
Scatter damage 12 (18.84)
Attacks per second 2.2
Scatter amount 3
Bolt range 6.6
Scatter range 2.9

UI Skillbutton Shifter Refractnew

Refract [edit]
Disperse into energized crystals to become impervious to any damage and crowd control effects.
Duration 0.8s
Cooldown 10s
Invulnerable Yes
Crowd control immunity Yes

UI Skillbutton Shifter Jumpnew

Crystallized Ascension [edit]
Ascend into the air and stay afloat by using the crystal's powers.
Jumps 2
Jump height 7.8
Hover time 2s
Hover extra height 12