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Playing As:[ | ]

  • Radiate bolt may be ranged, but most of Ix's damage comes from the scatter, making him most deadly in melee range.
  • Always be mindful of where you are and where your target is during displacement to avoid accidentally putting yourself in a bad spot.
  • Open every engagement by creating a Psionic Bond. Its benefits are crucial to Ix's teamfight power.
  • If you see a low health teammate fleeing an enemy, immediately use Psionic Bond. You can either heal them to safety, or Displace to substitute them for yourself and begin attacking.
  • Both Ix and his target are untargetable while displacement takes place. Time this accordingly to protect you and/or allies from damage, but be careful when displacing enemies, as you may accidentally protect them from your team's own damage.
  • You can Displace a fleeing enemy to set them farther from safety and block their path of escape.
  • Try to only Displace when you really need it. Displacing puts Psionic Bond on a longer cooldown, which may hurt your next engagement.
  • Displace can also be used as an escape. Simply bond with an enemy who's ahead of you then reactivate to travel forwards.
  • Don't be disappointed if Psionic Bond hit an ally instead of an enemy by mistake. All of Ix's upgrades benefit both it's offensive and supportive utilities. Simply switch your focus to aiding your ally.
  • Combined with Ix's powerful jump, Refract allows Ix to extend much further than he should be able to. You can use this to chase or push more safely.
  • Refract is most powerful against telegraphed burst like Snipe or Airstrike.
  • Refract doesn't need to block damage to be an effective escape. You can use the floating effect to trick opponents by staying in the air at times they'd expect you to fall.
  • The combination of Salt Miner and Shredded Mining Permit can turn Refract into a shockingly effective combat tool.
  • Ix's chase is very strong with Mammoth Hair Scarf. It can either let him slow an enemy down, or speed himself and a teammate up.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Ix can use his Psionic Bond to heal you and (with certain upgrades) give you extra effects. Stay close to Ix, as the bond will still break with distance.
  • If you are playing a 'naut that's very dangerous at melee range (such as Clunk, Ayla or Skølldir, for instance) consider coordinating with Ix and having him charge at the enemy team and quickly displacing, putting you in range of your enemies more quickly.
  • When playing a very mobile 'naut, consider slowing down a bit if you feel like Ix is trying to heal you. Psionic Bond can still miss.
  • Keep an eye on Ix if he has an enemy bonded. Watch for a Displace; it has a notable cast time, so you can prepare to attack the Displaced enemy.
    • Alternatively, try to cover Ix's escape if he misjudged his Displace and is in a bad spot.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Outside of Radiate, Ix doesn't do much damage. Keep your distance and he will be less effective.
  • While immune to all sorts of crowd control, Refract "only" makes Ix invincible, not untargetable. Lifesteal effects such as Vacuum Bite and damage over time effects can still be applied to him.
  • If Ix has you in a Psionic Bond, get behind a Turret or team barrier, or simply run away to break it.
    • Alternatively, if you have good escape, save it for when Ix Displaces you.
    • If neither turrets nor energy walls are available, try to stick to your teammates: This will make displacement more risky for Ix, should he attempt it against your team.
  • If you are close to the point where Ix will appear after displacing, save your burst to "welcome" him. Be careful though, as he might immediatly use Refract on arrival.
  • Stuns will break Psionic Bond, preventing the damage or healing effect and stopping Ix from using Displace.
  • Although arguably risky, consider putting yourself between Ix and a low health ally of his to make it harder for him to land Psionic Bond on them.
  • Refract is only as effective as Ix's reaction time. The element of surprise can be used to catch him with slower burst skills.
  • You may not be able to hurt Ix during Refract, but he will slow down and be unable to attack you. Use this moment to prepare your attack.
  • As with all mobile, squishy Awesomenauts, Ix is weak to Crowd Control effects. Careful timing is needed however: Refract protects him from CCs too.