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Shop icons butterfly skill b upgrade f Jagra Eggs [edit] Item 5 solar 175

Adds a lifestealing effect to cocoon

Jagra worms dwell on the fungus moon Pulvan. They can produce over 10.000 eggs a day. A delicacy under catterpillars.

Upgrade Lv1 Lv2
Lifesteal 100% 100%
Damage 125 (196.25) 250 (392.5)

Jagra Eggs is an upgrade for Menu IconCharacterButterfly Genji's Ui skillbutton butterfly cocoonCocoon.

Description[ | ]

Enemy targets under the effect of Cocoon will take 125 damage per stage, up to a maximum of 250 damage. This damage is Lifesteal, and will be converted into health for Genji himself. This effect scales with team levels.

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