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Jenny is an assistant who is mentioned several times through Awesomenauts item's flavor texts. Not much is known of Jenny, only that she seems to be clumsy, clueless, and regularly called upon by management to do some work, usually for her own good.

Based on the information given, Jenny may work in a grocery store environment, a shipping company with access to lots of miscellaneous goods, or may work for Blabl Zork directly.

Appearances[ | ]

  • Jenny put a picture of Blabl Zork in a list of wanted criminal's photos and is asked to remove it.
  • Jenny found some dangerous Steel Feathers and put them in her hair.
  • Jenny mistook a 2D pancake maker for a 3D pancake printer.
  • Jenny is asked to return a Bob Cat to where she found it, and to mop up some dinosaur pee in the same vicinity.