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UI Skillbutton Warrior Charge

LUX Charge [edit]
Start charging into one direction to knock enemies back and deal damage per hit. Your movement speed increases and you receive a damage absorbing shield.
Damage Per Hit 40 (62.8)
Movement Speed +62%
Cooldown 9.5s
Shield 25%
Duration 2s

UI Skillbutton Warrior Attack

Rattle Smash [edit]
Jimmy smashes the LUX5000's rattle arms for damage. Each third smash unleashes a rattle area effect that deals an initial burst and three after bursts.
Damage 105 (164.85)
Attacks per second 1.5
Third smash damage 150 (235.5)
After bursts damage 40 (62.8)

UI Skillbutton Warrior Barrage

Missile Barrage [edit]
Go into the missile barrage mode and unleash long-ranged rockets unto your enemies, dealing damage. Press the button again to cancel the barrage.
Damage 170 (266.9)
Missiles 4
Cooldown 10s
Duration 1.4s

UI Skillbutton Warrior Jump

Stroller-Jet Boost Jump [edit]
Stroller-jet boost jump.
Movement speed 8
Jump Height 8.4
Jump Duration 0.5s
Jumps 1