Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Like other 'nauts that can hover, tapping the jump button instead of holding it down will enable Jimmy to stay airborne for a longer period of time.
  • As Jimmy, you have access to a number of different ways to keep yourself alive: all your skills have shields or shield upgrades, and there are some options aimed at sustain as well.
  • Unlike with most skills, you have to hold down the button when using LUX Charge for it to run its full duration. Releasing the button prematurely interrupts the charge.
  • LUX Charge is a very versatile skill: it can be used to chase after enemies (be mindful of the knockback effect however), escape or putting enemies into nasty spots. Upgrades such as Plutonium LUX Keys or Dirty Diapers can make these tactics more effective.
  • You might wanna save your charge to push more dangerous enemies such as Clunk or Scoop away from your team. The knockback effect combined with the innate shield of the skill can provide you with some protection against melee.
  • Be very careful when using Missile Barrage as you have to stand still until it expires, or be forced to press the button again to cancel it earlier in order to escape. Upgrades like Robo Daddy And Robo Mommy and Micey The Mech-Pilot can minimize the risks involved in using the skill, however.
  • Missile Barrage is fired from slightly above your character (as opposed to the center, like most projectiles). This can make using it tricky in melee range and tight corridors, so stay mindful of the firing path.
  • Due to its good damage and long range, Missile Barrage can work as a powerful finisher.
  • Rattle Smash is very powerful. Particularly its third hit (rattle wave), but you have to keep the enemy within range of the wave in order to benefit from it.
  • Rattle Smash can be upgraded towards more survivability (Steel Boxing Gloves, Nano Repair Bots) or offense (Flip Arm Add-On, Skullplate Trophy), depending on your personal preference.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Use your crowd control effects to make it easier for Jimmy to land Missile Barrage and/or to make it harder for your enemies to escape it in the first place.
  • If Jimmy manages to trap and enemy or push them towards your team with LUX Charge, take advantage of it and help him finish them off.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • If possible, harass Jimmy from a safe distance and get them low. If you manage to force a retreat or make them waste their charge to escape, take the opportunity to push forward or even finish them off with more powerful skills.
  • Be careful when attacking Jimmy from behind as you may be pushed into his team by a LUX Charge This can be particularly deadly when in conjuction with other crowd control effects.
  • Silence greatly helps in bringing Jimmy down, as not only are a lot of his shields reliant on abilities, but he'll also be unable to charge away to safety.
  • Missile Barrage can make Jimmy hard to approach, but it can be rewarding if you can safely do so, as he can't move during it.