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Field Description Possible values Type
jumpForce Determines how far people will be pushed away when they touch the jump pad Number
rotation Determines the direction of the jump pad. Number
team The team color used for graphics and the team able to use the jumppad if "pushTeamOnly" is ticked TEAM_ZERO, TEAM_ONE, TEAM_NONE Text
pushTeamOnly Tick this case if you want to only allow specified team to use the jump pad Yes / No
hasGraphics Untick this case if you want to remove default jump pad graphics Yes / No

Various notes[ | ]

  • You can't use the "rotation" tool to rotate a jump pad, you must change manually the "rotation" attribute.
  • The "rotation" attribute isn't automatically mirrored
  • You can't resize or disable the sound of a jump pad. You may want to use an affectArea instead.