Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton Crawler Knives

Scissors Throw [edit]
Thow fast flying scissors that deal bonus damage on enemy Awesomenauts based on their maximum health. Scissors can also be picked up if they hit terrain.
Damage 100 (157)
Bonus damage 4% of max HP
Maximum Scissors 4
Attack Speed 240
Recharge time 3s
Range 11.2
Cooldown 0.33s

UI Skillbutton Crawler Attack

Cut and Trim [edit]
Give your opponents a haircut with a combo of 3 cuts that increase in damage with every hit.
Damage 64 (100.48) | 88 (138.16) | 159 (249.63)
Attack Speed 150
Range 3.8
Combo Timeout 2s

UI Skillbutton Crawler Stealth

Vanish [edit]
Roll into stealth for a short time and silence your opponents when you break stealth with an attack.
Stealth Time 4s
Silence Duration 1s
Cooldown 13s

UI Skillbutton Crawler Jump

Acrobatic Double Jump [edit]
Double Jump. Press the button to jump again.
Jump Height 5.6
Additional Jump Height 5.6
Jumps 2