Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Ksenia is very weak early in the game, but can become very powerful later on. Play defensively at first.
  • Unlike Skølldir, Ksenia must be hitting an enemy unit or structure for her Cut and Trim combo to happen. Try landing the 3rd hit from it frequently, as some upgrades benefit from it.
  • When hitting an enemy Awesomenaut, Scissors Throw will deal additional damage based on a percentage of the target's maximum health, ensuring it remains effective throughout the match.
  • Despite being limited by an ammo count, Scissors Throw has a very short cooldown: you can unleash all the scissors in quick succession.
  • Since scissors from Scissors Throw can be picked back up if they hit terrain, it might be a good idea to attack your targets from above. This way, if you do miss them, the scissors will be stuck on the ground, ready to be picked up instead of expiring upon reaching maximum range without hitting anything. Scissors will also be regained over time or instantly by returning to the shop.
  • There are several upgrades that can help you regain lost scissors such as Abrasive Hair Blaster or The Gorge and the Beautiful. Experiment with these to find out which ones better suit your playstyle.
  • Remember: In order to use the silencing effect from Vanish, be sure to attack an enemy with Scissors Throw or Cut and Trim before the invisibility effect expires, or it won't work.
  • Try using Vanish when you are out of sight of your enemies and then sneak in while invisible to surprise them.
  • Ksenia can move through enemy units during the rolling animation of Vanish, but not when Invisible, unless she has purchased Virtual Girl.
  • Cut and Trim and Scissors Throw attacks that break the invisibility effect from Vanish will silence the enemy unit hit.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • Ksenia benefits from having teammates that can trap the enemies in place, allowing her an easier time in landing all her scissors, such as Derpl, Swiggins and Sentry.
  • Coordinate with Ksenia to make the most use of her innate silencing effect, preventing enemies from initiating or fleeing via their abilities.
  • Consider using 'nauts capable of dealing amplify damage to the enemy to increase Ksenia's already high damage output.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • If Ksenia misses her scissors, try "guarding" them from her, so she can't recover so easily.
  • Take advantage of Ksenia's weak early game and keep the pressure on her in order to hamper her Solar gain. Harasser and Area Controller type of 'nauts can give her a particularly hard time.
  • Since Scissors Throw deal damage based on a percentage of your maximum (not current) health, upgrades that focus on recovering lost health and damage mitigation might be more effective in countering her than raw health. healing and lifesteal upgrades are good examples.
  • Having very little health, Ksenia is extremely vulnerable to crowd control and burst damage.
  • Avoid walking around alone or with low health if you suspect Ksenia is around. She can deal very high damage with Scissors Throw and might be using Vanish to sneak up on you.