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Players are now split into 9 Leagues, from lowest ranked players to highest ranked players. Each League is percentage-based depending on the population of the current season, excluding League 1 - which always has a 250 player cap. Leagues do not show unless 6000 players are on the Leaderboards for the current Season. League is calculated based on Leaderboard Rating.

When there are many players online, the game will search 3 leagues wide (so if you are in league 6, it will search for matches in leagues 5 to 7). When there are fewer players online, it searches wider to increase the chance of getting a full match. It then searches in 5 leagues (so league 6 will search for matches in leagues 4 to 8). Despite this, leagues 1 and 9 will never search in league 5.

The league of a match is updated during the match to reflect who is in it. So if a league 4 player starts a new match and then a league 2 players joins, the match will change from a league 4 match to a league 3 match. League does not omit players of an uneligible League from joining players who are, however.

League symbols are no longer shown during a match. Instead, can only be seen on the main menu or on the leaderboards.

League Levels and Symbols[ | ]

League 1
League 2
League 3
League 4
League 5
League 6
League 7
League 8
League 9