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I'm going to update this Tier List whenever a new version comes up, and whenever I get a chance to update it. Old version will also be listed under this page.

This is a list of heroes and their tiers inside of the game. Remember, this is all my and the community's speculation, and these are not necessarily, nor officially their corresponsive tiers. The place of the heroes will be determined by how often they win in a match, how easy their kills are, how well they match up against other heroes, and stat/skill based deduction. If a version changes stat and/or skill rates, the heroes their capability might change, and if they do, their place in the tiers will change accordingly.

I will list multiple builds for each hero, as the tier of a hero can change depending on their build. I will not list your build, just because you think it's a good build. I will only list highly used builds, and game changing builds, such as Sniper Cat or Decoy Leon.

Current Version (1.21.1)[ | ]

Tier 1:[ | ]

Gnaw, Coco, Voltar, Lonestar, Derpl.

Tier 2:[ | ]

Skølldir, Raelynn, Vinnie & Spike, Ayla, Clunk, Genji.

Tier 3:[ | ]

Froggy G, Yuri, Leon.

Speculation[ | ]

   Tier 1                                                                                                                                                     [ | ]

Gnaw: First of all, this list is going to be about what wins you the game, and not who's racking up the most kills, because of two reasons, which I'll get back on. Okay, Gnaw can effectively push using all three of his abilities. He can use his weedlings for backline towers, so his turrets don't get pushed too hard, and he can use his acid spit for easy DoT on creep waves. His weedlings are also incredible for making area's unreachable for the enemy, if you spend enough points in them. Not much more to say about it, he's got great zoning, and defense.

Coco: This is about the best zoner in the game. You don't chase her, that's stupid, and at the same time, you're never safe from her. She has great mobility thanks to her blaze, and can be everywhere on the map. Her BL makes for potential easy kills behind the tower, if your enemies aren't that good (then again, what doesn't make for easy kills on bad players), and it has just amazing damage and keeps everything away. BL also has decent wave clear.

Voltar: My opinion on Voltar hasn't changed a bit. He still wins the game by his self pretty much. Although he might not kill you early game, you can't 1v1 him either, thanks to his healing bot. He has great potential damage with his suicide drones, and it helps him push a lot faster, if he didn't push hard enough already with his healing bot. Lets face it, Voltar is too strong, by being able to almost sit at your turrets for the entire game, almost completely safe from harm's way.

Lonestar: He is still one of the strongest pushers, and my opinion on him has not changed at all, just like Voltar. Lonestar doesn't get easy kills, he just pushes your towers to a pulp of nothing. He does do a ton of damage up close, so no easy kills on him, especially if he still has his bull on-hand. Now I will admit that bull pinning is hard, but you don't need to be able to bull pin if you just want to win the game instead of get many, many glorious kills.

Derpl: I moved Derpl up the ranks because I didn't realize how strong his pushing capability STILL is. Siege Derpl can harass the tower from a safe distance, and take hold of points like no other. Cannon bombing also seems to work decently, but this wouldn't be such a problem if there were better team compositions, since team fights wouldn't be a cluster of people trying to hurt eachother. Next up, Cat Derpl. I realize his earlygame is close to nothing, and having early advantage is key to winning the game most of the time (unless you throw bigtime). I see a lot of people talk about how much DPS Derpl has, but really, damage doesn't matter for your win, if you have good players on both sides. What I like most is how Derpl can kill a creep wave on his own in only a couple of shots, and he's really safe thanks to his snare, and natural tankiness. And the tower damage, oh boy. I moved him up because I realized how good he is at winning the game, and you could potentially even replace a Lonestar for a Cat Derpl.

    Tier 2                                                                                                                                                    [ | ]

Skølldir: I kinda want to put him high on Tier 1, but then I don't. You can NOT beat Skølldir in a 1v1 fight. He will destroy you in a 1v1. That said, Skølldir has a potentially great early game, depending on your opponent's (and your) league(s). His overhead throw is about the best early game thing to have at hand, and I would've put him Tier 1, if his throw were a little easier to land. Skølldir is good depending on the enemy team. If the enemy team can't do a thing against your grabs (no CC or good counter-initation, huge escapes), you're all set for the game, but if the opponents have something like Genji or Derpl, you won't be able to get close and actually LAND your throw (or you might end up wasting it on a sieged Derpl).

Raelynn: Can't compete with the other pushers, but has an honorable spot in Tier 2. Has amazing waveclear, and Time Rift makes for excellent pushing capabilities. Can't QUITE get a lot of kills, but she can sort of, by landing a well placed Time Rift, and a well aimed Snipe to clean up. Also due to her cheap upgrade on her Snipe for extra gold on hit, she has decent income if she stays in the lane with the most action.

Vinnie & Spike: This would've been at the top of Tier 1 if it wasn't for that he doesn't win games on his own. I've seen countless Vinnie's with over the 15 kills that lose their game simply because Vinnie has a much better kit for getting farm, and he doesn't do any damage anyway, if he doesn't get his farm. Now I don't think Vinnie can't win games on his own, because I win games on my own as Vinnie, but as far as pushing capabilities go, Vinnie's are limited to pretty much only his piercing AA, a huge amount of burst damage that isn't very suited for creeps, and a smoke screen that temporarily stops a creep wave from doing anything at all (if they'd stop breathing too, I'll up Vinnie to Tier 1).

Ayla: I shouldn't really be speaking of Ayla yet, since she's so new, and nobody really plays her online, but I will be going over my personal experience so far of her. Versus new players, she is completely dominant, since she's rather easy to learn, but hard to master. If you build her right, you pretty much just have to turn her rage on when in a heap of minions and enemy Awesomenauts, and win. BUT, she isn't so hard to play against when you know how to play against her. For example, don't stand behind your tower if she can kill you from under the tower, and get out of her range. But besides the crazy snowball Ayla's got, Rage makes her a decent pusher, and Evil Eye does pretty good damage on the towers.

Clunk: I don't really see Clunk as often as the rest of the Awesomenauts, so I can't really tell where I should put him. But from a winning standpoint, all Clunk really does is deny and ensure kills, so I don't really want to put him too high up. That is all.

Genji: I don't really see Genji all that much either, but since Genji is not a half bad pusher, I thought he wasn't bad enough for Tier 3. The extra minions help a lot, since they don't drop any farm, and do quite a bit of damage + you're instantly taking out half of every creep wave. The storm effect also helps a bit in zoning players, but this really only helps as a support, not so much anything else.

    Tier 3                                                                                                                                                     [ | ]

Froggy G: Welp, I didn't think I'd say this ever. Froggy G is a little bit underpowered. Froggy G doesn't wipe out entire teams anymore thanks to new releases, more heroes with escapes, and early game nerfs (no more huge base damage on his dash and nado). He still has an inexpensive kit, but he isn't nearly as strong as he used to. Another reason for his downfall, is the fact that better assasins have arrived. Mainly Vinnie is a lot better at racking up kills, and can get more out of his kills. Even a decent DoT Gnaw could bite your face off harder than Froggy G.

Yuri: I'm not quite sure about him yet. Whenever I see him in a match, he does bad, and I really have no clue why that is. Yuri often does not contribute into winning a game, and really only helps in teamfights, and steals the Solar from his carries. I do think that Yuri is good at saving team mates and doing a bit of poke damage, but when it comes to it, he only really fits into certain teamcomps (something with a Coco or Raelynn in it).

Leon: Leon, the overplayed, and overpowered Awesomenaut has been nerfed a little too hard, I think. He still gets easy kills, but he doesn't win anymore. He's still really annoying, and doesn't really contribute. I feel like Leon exists so you can have that CoD feeling of completely destroying everything on sight, and guess what? Leon actually likes being invisible and AFK until there's a kill he can get, since it heals him to be invisible and AFK, and gives him a free crit. I'd put Leon a little higher if his crit was still percentage, since every third AA isn't broken enough for Tier 2.

Role Tiering[ | ]

I haven't done this before, but I think this is what people'd rather like to see than "Who is best Awesomenaut", and I agree to a certain degree, since it isn't always the good Awesomenauts that win, but more often a good teamcomp, good play style, and good players that win. So I will tier Awesomenauts in the roles they play, and who fits the role best.

Pusher: Lonestar, Cat Derpl, Voltar, Genji, Raelynn.

Initiator: Skølldir, Froggy G, Genji, Clunk.

Harasser: Coco, Raelynn, Vinnie.

Assasin: Vinnie, Leon, Froggy G, Raelynn.

Sniper: Raelynn, Coco.

Brawler: Skølldir, Ayla, Froggy G.

Defensive/Area Denial: Gnaw, Siege Derpl, Voltar.

Support: Genji, Voltar, Yuri.

Disruptor: Skølldir, Yuri, Coco, Clunk, Raelynn.

I will only briefly talk about things, that concern me, that aren't listed, and not so much about the things that are listed. I chose Disruptor instead of the Tank role, because I think that as long as you are helping your team mates win a fight, be it through tanking or sheer CC, you don't need to be tanky to be listed in here. I listed Vinnie under Harasser because his damage to multiple targets I think is a little too much in fights, and he can bring the entire enemy team low with one ability, and get away thanks to smokescreen. I didn't really want to list Froggy G under Brawler, since he doesn't do much after his main burst, but since the game considers him a brawler, and he DOES fight up close, I decided to put him in last place. I also didn't really want to put Yuri in Support, because I think he's a way better Disruptor, but again, the game decided Yuri shall be the lowest ranked Support. That's all, if you think something is wrong, or you don't agree, please feel free to elaborate!

Older Version (1.4.1)[ | ]

Tier 1:[ | ]

Froggy G, Derpl (Sniper Cat), Voltar.

Tier 2:[ | ]

Gnaw (Aggressive), Leon (Decoy Leon), Gnaw, Lonestar, Clunk, Coco, Leon, Derpl, Yuri.

Speculation[ | ]

Froggy G: Froggy G should defenitely be in Tier 1 because of his Dash and Tornado. The Tornado does an amazing amount of damage to any character, and his Dash makes for easy escapes, and easy kills.

Derpl (Sniper-Cat): Sniper-Cat should be in Tier 1 because it's ability to destroy turrets is far above average, and Sniper-Cat can handle itself in combat much better than Siege-Mode Derpl can. On top of this all, Sniper-Cat does a lot of damage if it's cost effective and quick build is maximized.

Voltar: Voltar used to be bad, but he made a good come-back in the recent 1.4 patch. Voltar can help push extremely hard, can enhance its teams defenses really well, and makes combat a lot easier for its team.

Lonestar: Lonestar is extremely strong with his revolver, dynamite and bull, and his bull can be really annoying at times, but he can not easily finish his kills due to his low movement-speed. His health is also really low, which makes him an easy kill for assassins. He has the capability to be a Tier 1 in the right hands, but overall, he just doesn't quite make it.

Leon: Same as Lonestar, he's good, but not good enough for Tier 1. Leon is unquestionably the best Assassin in the game. He can finish his kills efficiently, and quickly. On unsuspecting character such as Derpl or Lonestar, Leon can be quite a scare. On the other hand, low HP and high cooldowns make Leon a not so good Tier 1, but a dominating Tier 2.

Other Tier 2 characters: I try to keep Tier 2 as balanced as possible, and I won't explain every single Tier 2 character, since most of them will sound exactly the same (not nearly good enough for Tier 1, not bad enough for Tier 3). Most of these characters are not half bad, and really well developed characters, and no argument on the design of any of them.

Yuri: Sorry for any speculation I might've posted on him, because appearantly, it's been a while since I played Yuri, and I honestly wasn't that good back then. I've tried him just now, and I like him a lot, and I can see he isn't as bad as I thought. Now for the speculation, he is good, and I would consider him nearly a Tier 1, wasn't it for the fact that his cooldowns are a bit high. I'm not going to compare him to Voltar, because Yuri and him have complete different playstyles.

Don't agree with the list?[ | ]

PLEASE let me know! If there's anything I can do to make the list more accurate, I will go all-out on it. You can either message me through the comments, or let me know on Steam. I will put my Steam name somewhere on the bottom. I will not argue with things I clearly see are faulthy, but if your argument sounds something like "A Froggy G in my team was doing really bad", or "Dude, this Gnaw was kicking our asses", I won't even talk to you about it, because arguments like that will not suffice.

Only xx Tiers? Shouldn't there be more/less?[ | ]

I base the amount of Tiers on the amount of current heroes/mainly used builds. I probably agree there should be more Tiers, even with the low amount of heroes, but that would make the list look messy. And above all, it's a Tier list, not a Top 10 best heroes list.

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