Awesomenauts Wiki

(This is a work in progress) This is a quick guide that is beginner friendly and it is up to date with the game.

If you have any idea on how to make this guide better then please tell me and I will take it in to consideration.

also note that the strategy in this build may not work at higher legues then 6

Recommended Loadout[ | ]

I have made it easy for you so you will see the items below that you should pick for your loadout.

you can even press the icon and you will be directed towards the info page about the pressed ablility.

Purchase Order[ | ]

It's a little hard to do an exact purchase order because it depends a little on who your enemies are, but i usally pick something like: Stealth, Solar tree, uppgrade Party mask full, boots, damage, tounge, attackspeed max,damage or backstab,Health,damage or backstab,damage or backstab,damge or backstab,health max, AI attack, tounge damage, tounge rage,tounge life steal,tounge damage max and AI walk.

I'm also gonna talk about why it is so hard to give a specific purchase order, It is all about what you need when even through i begin always the same first i buy cloak then solar tree then i max out party mask but it's after that it gets kinda sketchy for me

Leon's Abilities[ | ]

Here i'm gonna go through Leon's abilies.

We will start off with Leon's Tongue Snatch ability, It doesn't deal much damage (only 12 without upgrades) and has a 7 second cooldown. It isn't really to deal damage to the enemy but to drag the enemy towards you, so it's great if the enemy is running away from you or if the enemy is somewhere you can't normally reach, but not behind turrets or barriers.

it has six upgrades but I'll focus on the three in the loadout; Spiked Tongue Piercing, Tongue Strecher and Steel False Teeth.

Spiked Tongue Piercing will increase the damage of the tongue by 3 every upgrade, so when it's maxed your tongue will deal a total of 21 damage (Note that the tongue hits 2 times on drones, and sometimes on enemy 'nauts).

Tongue Stretcher will increse the range from 6.6 to 9.

Steel False Teeth will give you a +8 life steal on your tounge and when it's maxed it will give you a +16 life steal on your tounge, Note that life steal won't make you take more damage with your tounge.

Total solar cost for Tounge Snatch ability: 1020 solar

Now I'll go through the Cloaking Skin ablility, Using this ablility will make you invisible for the enemies and leave a clone in your place that has very low current health, The ablilty Cloaking Skin has an 8 second cooldown. Cloaking Skin can be used in many ways to get an advantage, for example: you can wait around an enemy without him/her noticing, you can block an enemy's path, you can sneak in an enemy's base without them noticing (backdooring is the general term used) and so on. It also has it downsides, for example: if you get any debuff or damage over time the enemy can see the effect through your cloak, revealing your location.

Supprise Pary Mask will make you deal +10 extra damage when you attack an enemy while Cloaked.

Basic AI Chip will make your clone walk, which can be useful in conjunction with Aggressive AI Chip, which makes your clone attack.

Total cost for Cloaking Skin ability: 845 solar

Last, I will go through the three Slash upgrades but first let's talk about Slash. Slash is Leon's auto attack, so it has no cooldown. in this build I have the Chainsaw AddonEnhanced Muscle Fibers and Backstab Blade upgrades


The Chainsaw Addon makes you deal +2 damage, so at max level you will have +6 damage.

Enhanced Muscle Fibers will increase Leon's attack speed, so he will kill enemies faster. Leon's attack speed will increase by 15%, up to 30% when maxed. This means that Leon's attack speed increases to 157, then to 178 [Citation needed].

Backstab Blade will make you deal +4 damage first level and +8 the next level, but there is a catch; it will only deal more damage if their back is hit.

Total cost for Slash ability: 1390 solar

Now, I'll go through the Miscellaneous upgrades, they will make everything much easier, for example: Leon will get more health, be faster and get more solar. 

Power Pills Light will give Leon more base health, it gives +15 each level, up to +45, when maxed.

Space Air Max increases Leon's running speed from 7.4 to 9. It will make Leon faster so you can catch the enemies that try to run away from you.

Solar Tree it will make your solar go from 30+ per min to 54+ per min so it will give Leon a +23 solar per min

Total cost for Miscellaneous uppgrades: 615 solar

Total cost for evey uppgrade/ablitty is 3870 solar, that means that to uppgrade everything you need to be level 37-38

Combining a fully upgraded Surprise Party Mask, Backstab Blade, and Chainsaw addon will result in an uncloaking backstab that does 42 damage. If they're hurt, this can easily take them out.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]

Here i'm gonna go trough the three sets of one game that is Early game, Mid game and late game.

In the early game you should mostly stay hidden, avoid getting hit and wait for enemies to be low on health so you can attack them and maybe get a kill. Note that you should never attack an enemy at full health on your own in the early game.

When there is no enemy's close, you can always help push with the droids, just stay behind the droids so they take all the damage and if it gets to hot for you, you can always turn invisible and run away to get some health. 

If a turrent has low health and there is no players around you can either run up to the turrent and use your stealth then attackt directly after so your clone will take some of the damage

or you can stealth and run up to the turret with you taking all damage but killing a turret in the process (I do not recommend this)

In the middle game you are much stronger, then can get a little more careless but be still on your guard because Leon don't have much health normally so he can still be a pretty easy target for a good damage dealer.

In the late game you can use your stealth ablility to really harass the enemy you don't even have to wait for them to be low on health unless it's like Clunk or some other tank.


Clunk the exploding tank.

If the solar drill is exposed you can wait for the enemy to stop guarding it then you can either chose to be a little risky and use your stealth attack to get in thier base and attack the drill. But if you think you can do it without stealth then do it so when the players come back to defend their drill you can use your stealth and try to run away, note that it isn't always sucsessfull because it's all luck here if they get a hit on you or not.