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Recommended Loadout[ | ]

Tongue Snatch: Tongue Stretcher, Steel False Teeth, Morning Star Piercing.

Cloaking Skin: Surprise Party Mask, Pinot Noir, Aggressive AI Chip.

Slash: Chainsaw Addon, Enhanced Muscle Fibers, Backstab Blade.

Utility: Power Pills Light, Space Air Max, Solar Tree

Purchase Order[ | ]

Tongue Snatch > Solar Tree > Space Air Max > Backstab Blade > Steel False Teeth > Cloaking Skin > Power Pills Light > Surprise Party Mask > Enhanced Muscle Fibers > Chainsaw Addon > Surprise Party Mask > Chainsaw Addon > Steel False Teeth > Power Pills Light > Enhanced Muscle Fibers > Morning Star Piercing > Chainsaw Addon > Power Pills Light > Backstab Blade > Aggressive AI Chip > Pinot Noir > Tongue Stretcher.

Play Style and Tips[ | ]


This build is baseD around "Slash" like most Leon Builds, but is built not be too weak to certain attacks and abilities.


Leon's Tongue is a great initiating tool. Early game, it's best to stay with teammates and use Tongue Snatch to pull an enemy into your allies and hopefully get a kill. Be sure to farm droids when you can, just make sure you can find teammates quickly if you get into trouble.


By mid-game, you will be able to start getting kills alone hopefully. Once Backstab Blade, Surprise Party Mask, and Cloaking Skin are acquired, you will be able to to plenty of damage quickly and Tongue Snatch can be used to pull enemies back into you sword's range or even secure a kill when you couldn't do so during melee combat.


By late game, Leon should be very feared. He has major, quick damage output by this point. With his quick, powerful slash, he can easily backdoor (attack from behind) a base drill and escape without harm when cloaked.

:Tips & Side Notes:

Tongue Stretcher is only added as an optional upgrade. It can be handy if you have characters such as Yuri, or Derpl who can place mines and grid traps, it becomes easy to pull an unsuspecting enemy into a pile of mines. Or it can be used to just grab an enemy naut from farther distances away if you can't seem to get a kill before they escape.

:Caution Characters:

Awesomenauts that should be attacked with allies or just extreme caution are:

Froggy G: Like other "Brawlers", Froggy G excels at one-to-one combat, it's best not to attack him alone.

Ayla: Ayla can be very dangerous to anyone who uses melee attacks. Ayla's "Rage" can be very strong and hard to escape. It's also best not to attack her when she's low on health, because her "Evil Eye" ability becomes slightly stronger depending on how much health she's lost.

Skølldir: Skølldir has one of the most powerful initiating tools in the entire game, his "Throw". That's why it is very dangerous to attack him head on with any melee character. A handy tip to deal with him is to Attack him from behind, between him and the enemy turret. He can only throw you toward your teams turret.

-- 17:59, 15 February 2014 (UTC)