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Back Story[ | ]

Leon's life is a life of crime, women, and borrowing without returning. He lost his arm in a unfortunate jeu de boules incident and spends most of his time smoothly escaping debt collectors. He found himself breaking into the bedroom of the prime minister's wife, while looking for the wine cellar.

He knew no amount of charm could save him this time and planned his escape, which was eventually delayed because he refused to escape in anything but a space yacht.

Leon joined the Awesomenauts for some quick cash, spending it on beautiful women and exquisite meals. In combat, he puts his natural reptile abilities to some good use and slices up his enemies with great precision. Combat is a form of art for this green gentleman.

Quotes[ | ]

Theme Song Lyrics[ | ]


Est ce que ne rien bonne?

Ah oui, mon coeur, c'est vrai

Qu'est-ce que ça, qu'est-ce que c'est?

Donnes moi ton argent

Donnes moi ton fromage

Je donne tout mon amour

Et j'allume ton chauffage"

Translation[ | ]


Is there nothing good?

Ah, yes, my heart, it's right

What is that, what is it?

Give me your money

Give me your cheese

I give you all my love

And I turn on your heater"

Voice actor: Olivier Thijssen

Taunts[ | ]

▶️"You smelly imbecile!"

▶️"Fouda haha!"

▶️"I blow my nose in your direction!" - A reference to the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.[1]

▶️"En garde!"

▶️"Your mother was a hamster!" - A reference to the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail.[1]

▶️"Feel the sharpness of this blade!"

▶️"Homicide du fromage!" - A reference to Dexter's Laboratory[2]

Help[ | ]

▶️"Sacrebleu, some help!"

▶️"Zut! I need help!"


▶️"I am très injured!"

Attack[ | ]




Defend[ | ]




Teleporting[ | ]

▶️"I shall return, mon ami."


▶️"The teleporter, she beckons!"

Purchase[ | ]


▶️"Hoho! Magnifique!"

Chosen[ | ]

▶️"HaHA, it's moi, Leon Chameleon!"

▶️"En garde!"

▶️"Feel the sharpness of this blade!"

▶️"Vive la Chameleon!"

Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️"Vive la Chameleon!"

▶️"I am not only a lover, also a fighter."

▶️"Accent? What do you mean, accent?"

▶️"HaHA! It's moi, Leon Chameleon!"

Killing Blow[ | ]

▶️"Voila, c'est ça!."

▶️"Aha! I never miss!"

▶️"All is fair in love and war!"


Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️"All for one, more for me!" - A reference to The Three Musketeers[3] motto: "All for one, one for all".

▶️"I'm on a roll now!"


Being Hit[ | ]






▶️"Hoo hagh!


On Death[ | ]

▶️"Oh là là!"


▶️"Oh no!"

Leon Pirate Quotes[ | ]

Taunts[ | ]

▶️"Walk le plank, Jack!"

▶️"Fouda haharrr!"

▶️"Taste my cutlass!"

▶️"You poxy camembert!"

▶️"You smelly landlubber!"

▶️"Ah... Vous just mad!" - A reference to an Awesomenauts-related meme started on the Ronimo Games forums by user Tanshu. It consists of an image of a 'naut (usually wearing one of their upgrades) saying "you just mad".

Help[ | ]

▶️"Obey your capitaine!"

▶️"Oh no! I have ze scurvy!"

▶️"Help me out! My ship is sinking!"

▶️"Oh no! Le pox!"

Attack[ | ]





▶️"Release the Hooks!"

Defend[ | ]


▶️"Defend le cognac!"

▶️"You must defend le cognac!"

▶️"They are stealing our doublons!"

Teleporting[ | ]

▶️"I'll be back with cognac!"

▶️"It is the day you almost captured capitaine Leon Pirate!" - A reference to Jack Sparrow[4], a character in the Pirates of the Caribbean[5] movie series.

▶️"Rendezvous dans le supermarché."

▶️"Le lighthouse, she beckons!"

Purchase[ | ]


▶️"More plunder pour moi!"

▶️"Haha! Pillage le shop!"

Chosen[ | ]

▶️"C'est moi, le backdooring buccaneer!" - A humorous reference to Leon's backdooring abilities with Cloaking Skin.

▶️"Haha! It's moi, Leon Pirate!"

▶️"Ah! Let us sing le sea shanty of love!"

Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️"Ah! Let us sing le sea shanty of love!"

▶️"Haha! It's moi, Leon Pirate!"

▶️"Take non prisoners!"

▶️"Let us plunder them!"

Killing Blow[ | ]

▶️"Ha! You are shark cuisine!"

▶️"Homicide dans la mer!"

▶️"Haha! Take that, idiot! Hahaha!"

▶️"All is fair in love and arrr!"

Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️"Meet Jacques Cousteau, you scurvy dog!"

▶️"Aha! I send you all to the bottom of la mer"

▶️"Haha! They never saw me coming!"

▶️"Haha! No one defeats Leon Pirate!"

Uncategorized/unknown[ | ]

▶️"Sail the oceans of love with capitaine Leon Pirate!"

Ghost Leon Quotes[ | ]

Leon says many food names in french as quotes. This is a reference to Flight of the Conchords[6].

Taunts[ | ]

▶️"Your fear. It will be your undoing!"

▶️"You do not blink!"

▶️"I have a blade with your name on it!" - Possible reference to a similar taunt line from Raelynn.

▶️"Silence! You will be killed by me!"

▶️"Do not blink!"

▶️"Haha! Just keep wandering off, and you'll keep dying!"

▶️"Your fear will be your undoing!"

▶️"This blade, it has your name on it!"

Help[ | ]

▶️"Help me! My goggles aren't working!"

▶️"Help me! My goggles, they do nothing!" - A reference to The Simpsons[7].

▶️"Help me! My goggles, they do nothing!" - A reference to The Simpsons[7].

▶️"Oh non, they have located me!"

▶️"Come on! Distract these imbeciles!"

▶️"Oh non! They have found me!"

▶️"Oh no! My cover is blown!"

Attack[ | ]



▶️"Commence the operation!"

Defend[ | ]



▶️"Oh non! We are in trouble now!"

▶️"Oh no! We have been ambushed!"

Teleporting[ | ]

▶️"This discussion never took place. We were never here!"

▶️"We were never here! This discussion never took place!"

▶️"Ahhh, back to the shadow!"

▶️"Ahhh, let's go back to the shadows!"

Purchase[ | ]





▶️"Boeuf!" (Beef)

▶️"Ahhh... Boeuf!"

▶️"Mmm! Pamplemousse!"

▶️"Je suis enhanced!"

Chosen[ | ]

▶️"Ze fantôme Leon, reporting for duty!"

▶️"I am the invisible man!" - Possibly a reference to the novel by H.G. Wells, and to a further extent, to the Queen's song.[8][9]

▶️"Ghost Leon at your service!"

▶️"Ghost Leon, reporting." - A reference to Starcraft.[10]

▶️"I am ze invisible chameleon!"

Drop Pod In[ | ]

▶️"Hahon! I am the blade in the night!"

▶️"I am the blade in the night!"

▶️"Ghost Leon at your service!"

▶️"They never see me coming!"

Killing Blow[ | ]


▶️"I smell your fear. It smells like a ripe camembert!"

▶️"Mercy. It's for the weak!" - A reference to Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.[11]

▶️"Je suis la nuit!" (I am the night)

Killing Spree[ | ]

▶️"Le fantôme strikes again! And again! And again! That's three times."

▶️"Le fantôme strikes again!"

▶️"They never knew what hit them!" - A reference to Starcraft.

▶️"Ha! They never knew what hit them!"

Being Hit[ | ]








On Death[ | ]

▶️"Oh là là!"


▶️"Oh no!"

Using Cloaking Skin[ | ]

▶️"I am hexagon!"

▶️"I go unseen!"

▶️"I am gone!" - A reference to Starcraft.

▶️"I am gone!" - A reference to Starcraft.

▶️"Haha! Boo!"

▶️"Hahon! I go unseen!"

▶️"Psst. Boo!"

Unused[ | ]

▶️"Soupe du jour!" (Soup of the day)

Nauts In-Game Look[ | ]

Character[ | ]


Default skin.

Base Leon Skin

Default skin.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Mousquetaire Leon.

Musketeer Leon Skin

Mousquetaire Leon.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Pirate Leon.

Pirate Leon Skin

Pirate Leon.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Ghost Leon (Donated by CrimsonYeti).

Ghost Leon Skin

Ghost Leon.(donated by Catti and Bowserslave)


Leon Legionnaire


Leon Legionnaire

Minimap Icon[ | ]

Ui minimap player chameleon 0

Scoreboard Icon[ | ]

Classicon Chameleon

Skin Information[ | ]

Mousquetaire Leon[ | ]

CharacterRender Chameleon Skin Musketeer redBG

"Hanhaaan! Have at you, imbecile! It's moi, Leon, le mousquetaire extraordinaire! Now with an extra sharp rapier, more vin, more fromage and more amour, Mousquetaire Leon!" - Official Steam Store description.

This skin gives Leon a french Mousquetaire costume with a plumed hat and a rose on his mouth and replaces his blade with a rapier (also altering the slashing sound so it's more accurate).

A new trail particle effect is added to Leon's movement.

Pirate Leon[ | ]

CharacterRender Chameleon Skin Pirate

"Aaaarrrrr, ya scurvy old sea dogs! This here be the most feared pirate of the universe! Wanted on over 500 planets for camembert plunderin', grog stealin' and sweet talkin': you'd be wise t' to hide your beauties, for leon pirate be comin'! Leon Pirate comes with a fully customized voice set!" - Official Steam Store description.

This skin gives Leon a pirate costume complete with a pirate hat with a skull emblem on it and a peg-leg. His blade is replaced with a saber.

Being premium, this skin comes with unique dialogue lines as well. It also costs $5.00 instead of the usual $2.50 for skins.

Ghost Leon[ | ]

CharacterRender leon cyborg

Limited edition skin - no official description available.

This skin was awarded to players who donated to the Bronze/Silver Tier or higher, in the Awesomenauts: Starstorm Expansion Kickstarter campaign.

This skin gives Leon futuristic armor, a different-looking blade, a hood, cape, and a pair of goggles. The Slash animation is altered to leave a trail of digital hexagons when he swings it.

Being premium, this skin comes with unique dialogue lines as well.

Leon Legionnaire[ | ]

CharacterRender Chameleon Skin CenturLeon redBG

My name is Leon Legionnnaire, commander of the Armies of Aiguillon, connoisseur of fine cheese and loyal servant to the TRUE emperor: Blabus Zorkonius. Owner of a stolen space yacht, winner of the 3586 jeu de boules cup. I will claim my glory, in this battle or the next.

This DLC contains a custom skin for Leon in Awesomenauts.

Leon Legionnaire was designed by community member Lautaro Aglione for the Design-a-skin competition and was chosen by the community as one the runner-ups to Grim Genji from more than 250 submissions! - Official Steam Store description.

This skin gives Leon the typical Roman legionnaire attire: He has a gold/bronze (depending on team) galea on his head (with a team-colored decoration), and wears a white toga with a team-colored paludamentum around it. He also has gold/bronze colored greaves and shoulderplates to protect his legs and arm, and a team-colored cloak on his back. His arm-blade is replaced with a gladius (with unique slashing sound effects) and he wields a golden/bronze scutum with a rose insignia engraved in it in his hand.

Awesomenaut Showcase[ | ]

Pirate Leon Showcase[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Leon is one of the "original six" Awesomenauts that came with the game when it first launched, along with Clunk, Froggy G, Lonestar, Voltar and Yuri.
  • Leon was the first Awesomenaut to ever get a premium skin, Leon Pirate.
  • Leon's home planet, Aiguillon, is available as a playable map in the game.
  • Leon is one of the few 'nauts to have a Kickstarter exclusive skin (the other being Coco).
  • With five unique skins including the default one, Leon is tied with Coco and Lonestar for the most skins in the game.
    • On top of that, Leon and Coco have very similar skin layouts. They both have two premium skins, two regular skins, one kickstarter-exclusive skin, and one skin that won a contest.
  • Leon Legionnaire was part of the Awesomenauts Skin Contest 2014, where it won second place. It was designed by Lautaro Aglione. The original concept art can be seen below:

Click to enlarge.

References[ | ]