Awesomenauts Wiki

Playing As:[ | ]

  • Tongue Snatch goes through droids, so it is safe to use it against 'nauts who are hiding behind them.
  • Tongue Snatch can be made into a more powerful initiation tool via Cheese & Garlic Mints and Tongue Stretcher, as quick burst with Spiked Tongue Piercing and Morning Star Piercing or as a mix between the two. Experiment with upgrades to find your playstyle.
  • If you don't have Basic AI Chip, leaving a clone inside a hide area will grant vision to you and your teamates.
  • Backstab Blade cannot affect turrets or the Solar drill, but the animation for a successful strike will still play. Don't be fooled by this.
  • When choosing a DPS upgrade, consider Backstab Blade for droids and Awesomenauts. However, if your goal is to have high overall damage and be more effective against turrets, Chainsaw Addon is a better option.
  • If you're actively in an engagement and have Surprise Party Mask upgraded, quickly cloak for a higher damage slash, but keep in mind that this will make your escape harder if things go wrong.
  • Always make sure to go around crossfire while cloaked, you might be invisible but you are not invincible. Plus, damage numbers and visual effects will still appear on you, giving away your position.
  • Use your Cloaking Skin to sneak up on enemies, especially those who are at low health, overextending or too far away from their teammates.
  • If using backstab blade, try to always jump around to hit your enemies in the back, or the extra damage will not apply.
  • Combining a fully upgraded Surprise Party Mask, Backstab Blade, and Chainsaw Addon will result in an uncloaking backstab that does high damage. If they're hurt, this can easily take them out.
  • Pull enemies into dangerous situations with your Tongue. Good examples are near your teammates, into Yuri's mines, and near your turrets.
  • If you are trying to destroy a turret with no support from allied 'nauts/creeps, cloak directly in front of the turret to use the clone as a temporary shield.
  • The orb on Aiguillon works with Leon's Surprise Party Mask just like normal cloak. A popular combo is getting the orb, uncloaking with a slash, activating cloaking skin and then slashing the enemy again for high amounts of damage. The orb does not grant the effect from Pinot Noir, however.
  • With his clones, Leon is able to push two lanes at once. Simply leave a clone in one lane close to enemy droids and push the other lane yourself. Using Basic AI Chip and Extra Battery Pack makes this tactic even more efficient.
  • If you feel like enemies are having an easy time escaping you, consider saving your Tongue Snatch for after they try to flee. French Baguette and Electrifier can also make their escape harder.

Playing With:[ | ]

  • If Leon is invisible, try not to follow him too closely, or you may give away his position away to the enemy.
  • Leon's clones will show up as a larger dot on the minimap instead of a Leon head, allowing you to tell where the real one is (they still appear as Leon heads for enemies, however).
  • Place traps in locations that are easy for Leon to tongue people from.
  • Be sure to save your powerful abilities so that you are ready to follow up Leon's Tongue Snatch initiation to get kills more easily.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • The best way to deal with Leon is to walk as a team and never stay too long in the battlefield if you're vulnerable (low health, no cooldowns ready, etc.) To reduce his effectiveness as a ganker.
  • Even when Leon's invisible it's still possible to hear his footsteps. Some players turn off the game music and increase sound effects volume for this sole purpose.
  • Depending on the circumstances, it is sometimes better to stay and fight a Leon that has Backstab Blade, as running away will expose your back to him, allowing him to get free backstabs for extra damage on you.
  • Jumping erratically around Leon may be useful when trying to evade Tongue Snatch.
  • Any visual indicators coming from Leon's enemies (damage numbers, crowd control effects, Raelynn's Snipe targeting reticle and damage over time effects) will show up on Leon even if he's invisible. Use that to find him.
  • The cooldown on Leon's Cloaking Skin doesn't start until invisibility is broken. If you see him uncloaking, keep in mind that you have a few seconds to attack or even kill him before he can cloak again.
  • Don't let the minimap fool you! Leon's clones appear as Awesomenauts there.
  • Clones with Basic AI Chip will chase the nearest target. Use this to lure them away from your turret.