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The loading screen is displayed while waiting for other users to choose their load outs and while the game is loading. As of Patch 2.3 Secrets of Space, the loading screen features fan-art by the Awesomenauts community, which is changed every major patch.

Also displayed at the bottom of the screen are game tips which give advice and facts you might not know about the game.

Game Tips[ | ]

  • Stay behind droids when fighting a turret.
  • Turrets are tough to fight on your own: use droids as a meatshield.
  • Kill small neutral creeps for health pickups and Solar.
  • When you die, you lose 25 Solar and the other team will gain 30 Solar.
  • Killing enemy Awesomenauts will reward you with 70 Solar. Teammates will receive 30 Solar.
  • Your team gains experience for killing enemies, droids and turrets. Make sure to be near a kill to receive the team xp.
  • You can give quick voice commands using 1, 2, 3, 4.
  • Hold F to teleport back to your base. Here you can heal and buy upgrades.
  • Solar is an interstellar currency that you can use to buy items and skills in the shop. Silver cubes = 1 Solar. Gold cubes = 5 Solar.
  • For healing, you can find a teammate healer, heal at the base, kill neutral creeps or collect health pickups.
  • When you see an enemy Clunk getting ready to explode, you should run!
  • After destroying a turret, your base will spawn a superdroid. This tough robot will help make an extra push.
  • Every Awesomenaut is unique in skills and items. Try them out!
  • When you see a yellow broken shield over your head you take increased damage.
  • When you see a blue sword over your head you deal increased damage.
  • When you see a text balloon with 3 dots over your head you are silenced and cannot use any skills.
  • You can only buy 3 items per skill row in the shop. Some items can still be upgraded. Choose wisely!
  • Leaving a game before the end will cause your leaderboard ranking to decrease significantly.
  • Remember: it's just a game!
  • Tab will open the scoreboard. Here you can view the game stats.
  • Press ENTER to chat with your team, press SHIFT+ENTER to chat with everyone in the match.
  • When Ayla is enraged she gains damage reduction based on the amount of enemies surrounding her. Try not to face her in big groups and deal your heavy damage when she is not enraged.
  • When your team levels up, your skills will deal more damage and your max health will increase.
  • Awesomenauts gain xp at the end of every game. Wins provide more xp. Leveling up characters unlocks new items for that naut.
  • To unlock new droppods you need droppod parts, which are rewarded for leveling up Awesomenauts.
  • You get big awesomepoint rewards for leveling up you account. Check the profile unlocks in your profile!
  • When your team is behind in level, play together and try to make a kill. Higher level enemies provide more xp!
  • In the settings menu you can enable the player status dock to see the health and status of teammates during a game.
  • Earn medals for special feats in the game. Check your profile for more info!
  • The all nauts pack will grant you all Awesomenauts, even upcoming ones!

Gallery[ | ]