Awesomenauts Wiki

Some settings may require a localisation. You can find a list of useful localisation below.

If you use an invalid localisationID it will appear with "##" before and after the name.

Miscellaneous[ | ]

LocalisationID Translation in english
Choosecharacter CHARACTER SELECT

Awesomenauts name[ | ]

LocalisationID Translation in english
NameCharBlazer Coco Nebulon
NameCharChameleon Leon Chameleon
NameCharDasher Froggy G
NameCharSummoner Voltar
NameCharTank Clunk
NameCharCowboy Sheriff Lonestar
NameCharHeavy Derpl Zork
NameCharJetter Yuri
NameCharMaw Gnaw
NameCharRandom Random
NameCharBlazer_Short Coco
NameCharChameleon_Short Leon
NameChar... See Class names