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Since its conception, Awesomenauts has introduced a lot of species, planets, and events throughout its backstory. As more Awesomenauts are added to the game, more information and details can be discovered through their backstory and upgrade descriptions. This page is meant to archive all known and less well known Awesomenauts lore, and will be updated with information every game update.

Assumptions, deductions or otherwise unknown information are represented by italic text.

Some information on this page is assumed to be from an alternate timeline, a parallel universe or is not technically canonical. when you see a (Ū), read "in an alternate timeline". Most information from skins fall under this category. Due to the vastness of space and variety of its creatures, some skin information is plausible, and is not marked.

Races[ | ]

Awesomenaut Races[ | ]

Known Species[ | ]

  • Humans (Lonestar, Raelynn, Ted McPain, Ksenia, Jimmy) from Earth. Also inhabit Planet Russia and Calias. Used to inhabit Earth but were driven away by the war between 1s and 0s. Eventually colonized the moon, renaming it Planet Russia. Human skin color ranges from dark brown to white. Lonestar is a genetically re-engineered human made by the Bovinion. Despite her complexion, Ksenia is a human.[1] Kremzons think Humans reek of cheese & garlic. Human caucasoids are incapable of jumping very high.
  • Monkeys (Yuri) from Earth. Humanoid creatures with a hair and covered with hair. Fond of bananas.[2] Most monkeys are usually of low intelligence, but can be given super-intellect by traveling through a black hole.
  • Kremzons (Leon) from Aiguillon. Also referred to as Chameleons.[3] Kremzons are a lizardy, crude and devious species that spend most of their time in bustling cabarets and smokey cafés.[4] A curious and reckless species that live throughout the universe, and have a habit of losing hands. An ancient civilization of Kremzons predicted the date of the end of the world with their technology, incorrectly.
  • Frogs (Froggy G, Dizzy) from Ribbit IVPossibly related to or interchangeable with Amphibians. Territorial humanoids. Born as tadpoles and presumably metamorphosise[5] to a common upright form.[6] Froggy and Dizzy carry a container of water on their backs to increase their mobility. Fond of 1980s Earth style hip-hop, as well as earth style urban gangster culture and like to maintain the culture of this period. Frog eyes are evolved enough to see colors beyond the average color spectrum.
  • Namala (Coco) from Okeanos. A zen species. Uses technology very minimally, mainly to waveboard.[7] The Namala invented the Steeldrum, as a part of their musical culture. Beautiful Namalan actors star in intergalactic soap operas. Their skin color can range from purple to gold.
  • Skroggles (Gnaw) from ???. An omnivorous species that invades and infests planets. Highly adaptable. Can vomit acid and plant-like creatures called Weedlings. Can infect other creatures making them look similar to a skroggle. Skroggles acknowledge paternal roles.[8] Female Skroggles are attracted to the smell of the male's vomit.[9]
  • Plankton (Vinnie) from Okeanos. Small creatures with blue skin, short stubby limbs, jagged mouths and no eyes. Plankton are incredibly unintelligent, being so low in the Official Galaxial IQ test, they've become a standard of low intelligence. This may explain Vinnie's recklessness and disregard for the law. Vinnie may be an outlier from the rest of his kind. He may have also been super-evolved by Okeanos' water.
  • Pufferfish (Spike) from Okeanos. Pufferfish are able to shoot the spikes off their body, and instantly regrow a new set. These spikes come from the pufferfish's spine. Pufferfish may contain extra spikes internally that allow them to do this. Pufferfish are capable of squirting a misty cloud. Spike has full control over this ability. Pufferfish require the use of a Chrome File for hygienic purposes. Despite Spike's near weightlessness and squishyness, Puffersish have vertebrae and large ribs. The spikes on a pufferfish above the face grow out of their skulls.[10] This internal diagram may be inaccurate and from a parallel universe
  • Entin (Genji) from Eiron. Currently inhabit Pulvan, Eiron's fungi moon.[11] A greedy caterpillar-like race with vicious hunger and high libidos. Capable of reproducing quickly. Viewed as pests, causing remaining Entin to turn to spirituality to avoid being exterminated. Feature massive mouths, with a large circular row of sharp white teeth. It is not known whether its antenna are its eyes or not. If this is not the case, Entin may be blind. Remaining Entin worship and follow the teachings of the Grand Space Butterfly, a mysterious powerful space entity, inspiring holy scripture. The Entin may be referred to by some as Caterpillars.
  • Sadak (Ayla, Yoolip) from ???. An ancient race. Capable of channeling psychic energy from a third eye on their forehead. Sometimes have noses. Could be sexual dimorphism, an age-related development or some other variation.
  • Krakens (Swiggins) from Titan. Krakens are squid-like creatures. Kraken families can have large numbers of offspring. They prefer to breathe through water and may be incapable of breathing air. May live under a monarchy.[12] Does not have a spine.[13] Long ago, a Kraken ruled over the seas of Okeanos. The Krakens helped open the Northern Flying Seas of Okeanos for commercial transport.[14] One hosts a frequent television program.
  • Gelati (Scoop) from ???. The Gelati are brilliant craftsmen famous for their delicious Castle Ice Cream. The gelatinous knights gather snow and ice from different planets and mix them with sweet candies and fruits. The Gelati are advanced enough to have seen the threat of invasion of their universe from the Omicron breach, and were able to mobilize and combat it. Young Gelati receive a Snow Shovel from their fathers as a coming-of-age ritual. Despite having no visible internal anatomy and lack any facial features other than a mouth, Gelati blush red.[15] The Gelati operate under various "houses". Some houses include The Triple Scoop and The Frozen Teat.
  • Mon'Grah (Skree) from Okeanos, exiled from Okeanos due to their unsavory relationship with technology. Mon'Grah share a common ancestor with the Namala originating from Okeanos[16]. After being banished, the Mon'Grah turned to using dark magic and technomancy. As a result, they became a race of hitchhikers. Mon'Grah enjoy the smell of burnt Weedlings. Skree regrets destroying fresh weedlings in battle[17].
  • Dragons (Nibbs) from ??? within the Omicron. Only have one male dragon among their entire species. Nibbs claims to be a "magic dragon" with no comparison available, she may be distinct. Dragons are hunted by Dragon Hunters for loot. Dragons are considered a "demonic group" by the Sisterhood of Coba. Their scales are made of beryl[18], and can be fashioned into armor and clothing.
  • Birds (Rocco) from ???. A hawk-like humanoid. Incapable of flight due to their size.
  • Luxuxi (Ix) from Luxor. Ethereal beings who are typically peaceful, passive, and deeply spiritual. Possess psychic powers, allowing them to connect with energy crystals found on Luxor. Luxuxi are able to fuse their life force with these crystals to gain physical form and heightened powers, although this is frowned upon within their culture. They can consume radiation without any side effects. Many Luxuxi may have been killed by the harvesting of Luxor by intergalactic megacorporations.
  • Bovinions (Deadlift)alternatively spelled Bovinian from Bovinia. Cow-like humanoids. Poefluma flies are attracted to their smell. Bovinions passed down fables to their young about a cowboy boogeyman. A wealthy Bovinion created Sheriff Lonestar to imitate this fable. Lonestar escaped and wrangled every Bovinian on the planet, bringing them "out to pasture". This cataclysmic event was called "The Great Bovinion Wrangling". They create and export many products from their milk, Bovinian Skimmed Milk[19] and Bovinian Breastmilk[20] which, when chunky, goes well with cereal. They also make Bio Fuel Cells from their manure. Bovinions practice a currently unknown religion and use a cross as a holy symbol. Bovinion Priests create Milk Of Righteousness with their holy power.
  • Galspitters (Rocket), from ???. Small, green creatures known for their short temper and foul language. It's unknown what their head looks like. May have large ears or a trunk.[21] Capable of surviving without a head long enough for a prosthetic replacement to be found and seems capable of retaining identity and self awareness even after head replacement.
  • Chilasi (Qi'Tara) from Gromdom. Four-armed, insectoid species. Employ a monarchy-based system of government, currently controlled by an emperor named Pierre Feu Darret. Currently at war with the Scargi empire over a dispute regarding the status of Shplumbs (whether they are fruits of vegetables). Chilasi skin color may naturally not be gold, as Qi'Tara rubs golden/yellow-colored shplumbs on her carapace. Royal chakrams are passed down from queen to queen, and are currently owned by Qi'tara as she is next in line for the throne.
  • Scargos (Snork Gunk) from Gromdom. Also referred to as Scargi and Scarg. Snail-like aliens with brownish-yellow skin. Their national Sport is "Conchball". Salt is deadly to them. Scargos share their planet with the Chilasi. They have waged a war on the arachnid planet Smertzspin and still wage a war against the Chilasi over the status of Shplumbs (whether they are fruits of vegetables). They have a multi-racial military, consisting of at least one Galspitter, Frog, a Chilasi and crocodile alien.

Unknown Species[ | ]

  • (Voltar the Omniscient) A brain with three eyes in a brain tank. Used to be a researcher, but his space station exploded for unknown reasons around 3087.[22] Based on his remains, he could have been a Sadak or a member of Xi-Pang's species.
  • Cerdocyon Stellaris (Penny Fox), the scientific name of her species,[23] the common name being unknown. Could be Vixen, Vulpe, or just a Fox.
  • (Derpl Zork, Chucho Krokk) An unknown alien species from Calias. Can have green, purple, or grey skin. Have a varying number of eye stalks. Their body types can also vary, either having a blob-like body with several tentacles or a a more humanoid body with two arms and legs. Blabl Zork, Borbl Birk, and the Wildlife Announcer are also this species.
  • (Smiles) A crocodile-like species. Thrive in swamp environments.

The exact species of Voltar, Derpl Zork, Chucho Krokk, Penny Fox, Smiles, and Skolldir are still unknown.

Robots[ | ]

Awesomenauts[ | ]

Other[ | ]

  • Service-Bots. Work on AI Station 404 and AI Station 205.
  • Servo X-58s. Work on Starstorm Station. Are deployed to find and repair mechanical issues.
  • Syrup Pouring Robot. Comes with free napkins.
  • Robo-Maid model 34-Y. Compatible with a Multi Hose.
  • Walking Fridge. Needs to be tied down at night due to sleepwalking errors.
  • Robo-Fighters. Tough robots built for brawling.
  • Robo Dinos. Dino-like robots built by Professor Yoolip. Hatch from metal eggs.
  • Nano Repair Bots. Nanoscopic robots made to fix any damage the LUX5000 may receive.
  • Motivational Boombox Bot. A high-tech robot capable of simultaneously playing music and saying motivational phrases.
  • Walkbot Pro. A robot that plays music and keeps up with you.
  • Giga Sentorii. Made up of five Galactic Turbodinopowerzords: Tyrannozord, Galactozord, Electrozord, Fourswordzord & Grammarzord. Controlled by the Power Strikers from within. Speaks fluent Japanese.
  • Clockwork Yoolip. Robots built by Yoolip to do his work while he is busy. So convincing, most people can't even tell the difference.
  • Gnabot. (Ū) A robot from the year 4000. Acts maturely, unless around robofriends. Functions similarly to a Skroggle, even vomits robots similar to Weedlings. Unknown creator. Refers to himself as Gnaw. May be Gnaw's consciousness inside a robot body.
  • The Loninator. (Ū) A member of the Cyborg Cowboy Army from the future. After taking over future Bovinia, one travels back in time. Describes itself as the "Zork Industries Robotic Bovine Wrangler Unit Model 101".
  • Steel Seraph. (Ū) A robotic angel. Made from tungsten and is fusion powered. Capable of teleportation, "angelic bonds", and temporary invulnerability.
  • Giant Derelict Robot. Sits in the background of the Ribbit IV battlefield. Waiting.
  • Mad Bomb. Was once the king of bombs. Dethroned.

Other Races and Species[ | ]

Advanced Races[ | ]

Seen Species[ | ]

  • Giant Worms, from planet Sorona. Regularly attack Lightning Farm workers and miners. Actually irradiated due to their harsh environment. Sorona worms live mostly underground to avoid the scorching heat from the planet's two suns. During nightfall, worms venture around the surface to feed on the rocks[28]. Sometimes, juvenile worms arrive in Fresh Sandpit Sand. Their tails can be used as trophies or cooked and eaten.
  • Solar Bosses from Ribbit IV. Large creatures with small arms and a single eye. Capable of upchucking volleys of deadly acid.
  • Solar Krabs. Blue crab-like creatures with a single eye that are native to Aiguillon. Solar Krabs are used to make Solar Krab Burgers, a popular underwater fast food.
  • Pieridae Transformae, the scientific name of a rare butterfly hunted to near extinction for its special transforming properties.
  • Ribbit Snails. Snail-like mono-color creatures that are used for their extra sticky slime. As they get older, their color changes from a blue to a yellow. Mature Ribbit Snails produce the strongest adhesives in the galaxy.
  • Thorn Fish. Pufferfish-like creatures. It is inadvisable to threaten them.
  • Fruity Sprinkles. Fruity bugs that can have many different flavours. Used by the Gelati as an ice-cream topping.
  • Grease Lightning Snails. A snail creature that can emit electricity. Appears to be in pain. Dangerous to eat.
  • Ribitian Spitfish (Spittious Maximus). Known for its ability to shoot jets of water near the speed of sound. Coaxed correctly, it can be used as a gun. Its ammo is measured at .45 calibers[29]. Used by Froggy G in battle.
  • Seahorses. Their severed heads are used by the Omean to teach children lessons.
  • Swirling Octopuses. From the flying seas of Okeanos.
  • Flying Fish. Used to make complex compasses. Hunted by the Penguins of Rill.
  • Mutant Worms. Worms native to Ribbit IV. Can also come in a ninja variety.
  • Caterpillars (Sometimes spelled Catterpillars, are humanoid insects. Possibly follow or have followed a monarchy, lead by a king. Advanced enough to publish magazines with lavish contents and celebrities. May be related to, even interchangeable with the Entin.
  • Cats. A species that can have many variations in looks and abilities based on its breed. Has many fur color variations. All cats have round green eyes. Some cats are abandoned and adopted.
  • Piranhas. Enjoy eating humans.
  • Small Beasts. Small creatures with a single eye, native to Ribbit IV. Possibly baby Solar Bosses.
  • Gnomes. Tiny humanoids. Formed a society where some have the misfortune of becoming homeless. They honour their king by wearing snapped hoods.
  • Hawks. Someone tied one to a bomb for a movie prop.
  • Spoonmen. A race that seems to battle through the spoons on its head, treating them like antlers. Spoonmen have squarish heads, green fur, and hairless humanoid facial features (a big nose and a flat horizontal mouth with lips). Its skin under its fur may be purple. Only the males can grow antlers, it is unknown what the females look like. Its spoons can break, and as a result, becomes a target of humiliation.
  • Spider Birds. Purple creatures with at least 4 long legs, a big nose and googly eyes. This depiction of spider birds may be purposely cartoony as it's on a badge for scouts. Their eggs are made into syrup and sticky candy. Sometimes spelled "spiderbird".
  • Sentient Rocks. Depressed and cold-hearted rock like creatures from the deserts of Planet Sorona. Have eyes and mouths. looks may vary in individuals.
  • Viridian Eels. Eels capable of generating electricity.
  • Cookie Monsters. These creatures appear to be slimy, blobby monsters, but with a body similar to a chocolate chip cookie. They are an ingredient in the Impossible Cookie Recipe Trial. Can be found in the Milkyway. Whether that refers to the Milky Way Galaxy, or a different Milkyway is unknown. Cookie monsters are possibly quite small, around the size of a cookie.
  • Herrings. An ingredient in the Impossible Cookie Recipe Trial. Just a fish.
  • Pikachu. It is vulnerable to infestation by the Skroggle.
  • Alien Hula Girls. Vermin that infest space-trucks.
  • Tree Huggers. Plant-like creatures with long arms. Usually covered in glass splinters presumably from the glass trees on Luxor.
  • Grey Men. They are all a member of the Grey Men Group. This species are a humanoid shape, but with no extraordinary details other than two large dark grey discs on their faces, may be its eyes. The rest of its body is a flat grey. Their arms come to points. They are very good at playing instruments, despite having very few external features. Their remains make good instruments as well. They have internal skeletons.
  • Suitcase Monsters. Used to carry luggage. May digest your luggage. Has sharp teeth and a clasp to hold its mouth closed.
  • Bunnies. Used as chemistry tools in the wild. Burns for half an hour.
  • Living Treasure Maps. Capable of speech and giving riddles. Visually, it is an old parchment scroll with a large angry animal eye printed within.
  • Chickens. Come in many different forms, usually anthropomorphic. They have forward facing knees. They are capable of bargaining, though no certain form of communication is known. Can also be small and egg shaped as chicks. Are capable of being actors. Could be a chicken costume. One starred in a slapstick comic.
  • Chocolate Monsters. Lay, and are born from, eggs. Despite appearances, its eggshell is disgusting compared to the taste of the monster itself.
  • Xenomorphics. Born from eggs. Capable of copying inputted code and can mimic any biological being. Can create shields, photon mines, black holes, and can teleport. These may be abilities borrowed from Sentry's code. Completely incapable of speech.
  • Lab Rats. Snugly and dirty rodents.
  • Unicornians. Power Pills can give them rainbow farts.
  • Grime Flies. Insects that are kept away by lava lamps. Fat ones can be cooked into shashlik.
  • Yetis. Cute and irrational when young.
  • Omean. A race from Okeanos that use severed Seahorse heads to teach their children lessons. Known for being untrustworthy.
  • Bob Cats. Cat-like creatures with hair similar to a human's. Considered pests around hair salons.
  • Kuri. Mantis-like aliens capable of being show hosts. Their relationship with planet Kuri and Kuri Mammoths is unknown.
  • Poefluma Flies. Naturally attracted to the scent of Bovinions. Bovinions swat them using special flyswatters that smell like them.
  • Pigs. Considered a 'product' of Zork industries. Has green skin, small yellow wings, bright red eyes with black semicircle lenses and tentacles for legs.
  • Wooly Geurt. Tusked animals native to Eiron. They have a pungent smell.
  • Borgo Cigar Cutters. Red aliens with sharp teeth. They can cut cigars into perfection.

Unseen Species[ | ]

  • Kwarks, a cheetah species. Use high speed nukes when hunting. Hunt in packs.
  • Suraani. As juveniles, they use Chilan Wax Candles to practice their firebreathing.
  • Space-Hippos. Manure is made into Fertilizer. Their manure burns slowly and smells bad.
  • Gorge Gobbler. Capable of being fallen in love with. May be nasty in appearance or in attitude.
  • Doves. a creature under threat of a bouncing mine.
  • Giant Toads. A creature that may wear a giant monocle.
  • Lions. Have light orange fur, bushy tails, and thick tailbones.
  • Barnacles. Tough to fight. May have been hyperbole as an insult.
  • Magpie. A wealthy creature.
  • Seagulls. May travel in flocks.
  • Bottlenose Dolphins. Considered "demonic" as well as "... vile and evil beast[s]".
  • Nurian Ants. Presumably used in spas.
  • Vulpe. Elusive and dangerous creatures with very expensive fur. Used as powerful bow strings. Its fur is illegal to obtain and trade. Possibly Penny's species.
  • Dinosaurs. Once inhabited Sorona. Now extinct. They also once roamed the universe. Zombie dinosaurs attacked the Sunny-Daisy Orphanage.
  • Drogo. Their meat is edible. Can be prepared to make Salted Meat.
  • Jagra Worms, capable of producing over 10,000 eggs a day. It is considered a delicacy by Caterpillars. They live on the fungus moon Pulvan.
  • Centipede. Can communicate vocally over a telephone. Wears shoes. Is capable of monogamous relationships. Females exist.
  • Gyrcworms. Their intestines are made into a powerful lubricant.
  • Cobras. Their skin is used to make loafers.
  • Nalani. Creatures that have soft wings, like angels wings.
  • Painted Birds. Bring their lashes down from the heavens. Most likely just Mon'grah folklore.
  • Angels. A peaceful species. They focus on herbal infusions. May be related to or interchangeable with Nalani.
  • Gorgi. Slimy, pike-like creatures that live in asteroids and other space rubble. Their embryos are often mistaken for unripe eggs, but are actually synthetic ships filled with breathable slime. Their slime can also rapidly heal injuries and is considered a delicacy.
  • Purple Beavers. Can be made into shashlik.

Seen and Unnamed Species[ | ]

  • Melting Ball hiding under a Titanium Coneshield.
  • He-Zurian's Mount. A powerful cat with purple fur and large claws. Can breathe fire, hover for a short period of time, and teleport. Teleportation may be externally powered.
  • Green butterflies.
  • Unknown cocoon making species. Its cocoons are versatile, from camping to warfare.
  • Black insects with wings attracted to light.
  • Angry Whisk. May be a robot.
  • Matt Parasite Roid. Has a floating green body, red eyes, and fangs. Intelligent enough to be a wanted criminal. May be called a Parasite or Metroid.
  • Yellow crystal creature. Possibly a Luxuxi.
  • Rob Bourgogne. A snail alien that can grow a moustache. Capable of maintaining convincing optical illusions. Possibly a Scarg.
  • Xi-Pang. A member of an ancient race that were ruled by a greedy king, but the people revolted and society fell. Has three eyes and an elongated forehead. Bears a resemblance to Voltar or a Sadak.
  • AI Station 404 Squids. Has 1-3 eyes. Lives in vats full of yellow liquid, possibly solar.
  • Sorona Bone Platform. Large bony unmoving creature with one perpetually moving orange/yellow eye.
  • Sorona Tentacle Creature. Purple beings with multiple purple tentacles. Has 1-3 squinting glowing green eyes on stalks. Lives among the spikier plants of Sorona, houses itself within the plant's knots.

Plant Species[ | ]

Locations[ | ]

Planets and Moons[ | ]

  • Sorona, originally a vibrant planet once full of dinosaurs, now a deserted wasteland. Hundreds of years ago, Sorona was affected by "orbital nuclear bombardment", which destroyed its wildlife, irradiated its land and turned it into what it is now. Inhabited only by miners, farmers and predatory worms[30], Sorona is a dangerous place, but is still used for mining, and charging batteries on its lighting farms. Sometimes, Fresh Sandpit Sand is gathered from here. Nightfall is a rare phenomenon in Sorona[31] due to the planet's two suns, which means the planet is in a binary star system.[32]
  • Ribbit II, a swamp planet presumably near Ribbit IV. Smiles hid here.
  • Ribbit IV the Swamp Planet. The home of Froggy G, the Solar Boss, and Small Beasts. A lush planet full of exotic plants, cities, and a mysterious giant derelict humanoid robot. Ownership is contested because of its large solar deposits.
  • Okeanos, the Ocean Planet. Home of the Namala, Plankton, Pufferfish, and the former home of the Mon'Grah. Currency on Okeanos are Goldfish and Koi. Stole its moons Akoya, Keshi and Mabe (all named after pearls because of their white color) from planet Calias due to it's overpowering gravitational pull.[33] The intelligence and advanced species are said to have formed because Okeanos water has "special traits". The waters were ingredients in Mon'Grah Elixirs. In some spots, the water falls up due to the gravity of the three moons. Contests are held with the prize being a fishing trip at Okeanos. Mining operations take place on it's moons. It is located at the outer brim of the galaxy, in the Psyon star system.
  • Titan. Inhabited by Krakens. Has water on its surface. Has many dangerous pirates. It seems to mostly have a naval society, but Krakens are capable of space flight.
  • Kuri, the Glass Planet. This planet has several rings of broken glass. Second hand socks from Kuri are sold all around the galaxy, criminals popularly use them as masks. Because Sorona and Kuri are so close, Kuri can be seen in the skies of Sorona.[34]
  • Eiron, and its fungi moon Pulvan. The Entin inhabit both[35]. Herbs from Pulvan are used to make muscle enhancing elixirs. Also home to the pungent Wooly Geurt, which roam its wastelands. Jagra Worms live on Pulvan.
  • Rill, the home of the Penguins of Rill. Flying fish also live here. May also be the home of the Gelati, but that is unlikely.
  • Calias, The Transistor Planet. Luxor is its only moon. Had its other moons stolen by the gravity of Okeanos. Home of the Krokks. Jimmy And The Lux5000 are wanted criminals on this planet for streetfighting in Circuit City. Many rich corporations are located here for its mining operations on nearby Luxor. Professor Yoolip lived here for most of his life.
  • Luxor was harvested to make Crystal Eagle Bullets and Resonance Amplifiers and possibly other power crystals like Wraith Stones. It once had crystal forests, but they were destroyed and replaced with factories by intergalactic mining corporations such as Zork Industries. It's home to the Luxuxi.
  • Kapral. Planet located inside the Omicron Dimension, contains nightshade farms which produce nicotine.
  • Uroth, Planet located inside the Omicron Dimension, contains a volcano called Darkhorn. Pyroclastic rocks can be found here.
  • Earth, former homeworld of the Humans and Monkeys. Was taken over by the robots during the First AI war after the death of Ted McPain and capture of Raelynn. The humans abandoned it and it's now entirely covered in water.[36]
  • Venus. The host planet of the "Venus Hair Style Tournament" or the "Galactic Hair Style Competition". Has oxygen, or oxygen pockets now.
  • Planet Russia. Formerly Earth's moon. It's owned by Vladimir Pewchenko. Its entire surface is a giant weapons factory.[37]. Jimmy and Amy may have visited the missile factory before.
  • Daisy V. During the second spring, Bovinian Breastmilk is made here.
  • Bovinia. Homeplanet of the Bovinions[38]. Its green steppes are a tourist attraction.
  • Flexon. A planet where everyone is incredibly muscular. Deadlift trained there to defeat Lonestar.
  • Caraco. The planet where Rocket's Renegades were imprisoned.[39] This may also be the same prison Ayla was kept in.
  • Smertzspin. An arachnid planet. The Scargi Army waged war here. Commander Rocket blew his head off during the invasion.
  • Gromdom. Planet Inhabitted by the Chilasi kingdom and the Scargi empire. Presumably located in Scargi Space. Has green meadows, shplumb gardens and hot wastelands. Has a post office.

Star Systems[ | ]

  • Raki. The star system that contains the Starstorm, as well as the Omicron breach.
  • the Solar System. Known planets within: Earth, Venus, Planet Russia.
  • Bovinian. Located in the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. Known planets within: Daisy V.
  • Psyon. Known planets within: Calias and its moon Luxor. Titan, Rill, and Okeanos with its moons Akoya, Keshi and Mabe.
  • Waxxon Spiral. Home nebula of the art of Aqua-fu.

Dimensions and Universes[ | ]

  • The Omega Dimension. Where most of Awesomenauts takes place.[40]
  • The Omicron Dimension. The alternate dimension where Nibbs and the Sisterhood of Coba were bound.
  • The Omigosh Dimension. (Ū) The alternate dimension where Unicorn Nibbs and the Unicornhood of Coba were bound.
  • The Alternate Awesomenauts Dimension. A dimension that is very similar to the Omega dimension, but all wars are fought with music and sounds. E.S.C. Rocco is from this dimension.
  • The Psy Universe Certain clocks only run forwards in this dimension, and run backwards everywhere else. (Sometimes spelled with an i rather than a y)

Space Stations and Ships[ | ]

  • AI Station 404. A high tech weapons facility on an asteroid made of Solar. Manufactures parts for Suicide Drones.
  • AI Station 205. A space station located in the Raki system, it is positioned to contain the Starstorm's destructive power, but it's struggling.
  • AI Station 101. Described as a "star-encapsulating power station, it used to house the Zero core during the first AI War but blew up for unknown reasons, "sending off all kinds of strange, unseen radiation into space".
  • Starstorm Station. The flagship of the robot army in the first AI War. It was disabled by Ted McPain near the end of the First AI War. Sentry X-58 was on board and was also disabled. Accidentally reactivated by Skree during the Second AI War. Currently drifting somewhere in the Raki system and in severe disrepair.
  • Nostrilmo. A commercial spaceship that was attacked by a Xenomorphic. It crashed into Starstorm Station. Was probably from the First AI War, as it was infested during one of Sentry's recon missions.
  • UFO. An unidentified vessel spotted near Starstorm Station. It isn't a starship.

Other[ | ]

  • Aiguillon. Not actually a planet, Aiguillon was formed when a giant cranky porcupine got sick of a sun burning its eyes, so it charged the sun, killing both the porcupine and the light. The hulking corpse became the Kremzon's home. Aigullion is currently controlled by a dictatorship, under a Kremzonian named Korr.[41]
  • Carcosa. May be a planet. Inhabited by Spagetti Monsters. Can be found listed in the Yellow King Pages.
  • The Butterfly Nebula. Considered holy grounds by the Order of Popae Monks. Dust is collected from here and presented to Monks who have completed "the Trial of Deep Sleep".
  • The Halion VI Hairdresser Academy. The school where Ksenia learned hairdressing (Ū) and was chosen to be a member of The Cosmic Force. Also where her fellow chosen schoolmates were killed.
  • Sunny-daisy School of Social Re-adjustment. A school that deals with troubled children. Ayla was sent here briefly before being transitioned to a maximum-security psychiatric ward.
  • Sunny-Daisy Alien Orphanage. Ted McPain sacrificed himself to save this place from zombie dinosaurs. Likely related to the Sunny-daisy School of Social Re-adjustment. Possibly the same building, just from 500 years prior.
  • Circuit City. A city on Calias, full of slums and illegal robo-brawls.
  • Wet Point. The school Admiral Swiggins graduated from with top honors.
  • Hollywood. Favours a nice smile.
  • Nalconian Take-Away. A restaurant chain.
  • The sunken castle, Windsor. Looks like a fishbowl decoration. May be on Titan.
  • The Kentucky Friends and Poultry Retreat. A retirement home that Rocco considered retiring to.
  • (Ū) San Soleres. A dangerous town on the edge of the Raki Star System. It functions similar to a town from the wild west. Full of criminals and bandits. May not exist.
  • Xeo-3011. A lightning farm on Sorona. Charges batteries.
  • Darkhorn. A volcano on Uroth, within the Omicron. Contains or is made of pyroclastic rock.

Known Wars[ | ]

  • Seven Elevian Coupon Wars. Ayla's parents died in this war, presumably a Father and Mother. Unknown whether they were soldiers or civilians.
  • Frozen Yoghurt Wars. Fought between the Penguins of Rill and the Gelati. The Penguins of Rill lost. Some penguins defected to the Gelati and later became loyal servants. 199 penguins surrendered in the war and were frozen together to create a throne.
  • First AI War. Fought between the 0s and 1s. The 0s lost when their AI core blew up in 3087. Ted McPain was a great hero in this war, along with his team the Killer Koalas as was Raelynn with the SkyHawks unit.
  • Second AI War. Fought between the 0s and 1s. This war was "restarted" by unknown agents[42] (weapon manufacturers suspected) and is ongoing. The Awesomenauts' battles over control of Solar are part of this conflict.

Known Event Years[ | ]

  • late 1600s - (Ū) Skull Chopper Chucho slays the last demon in Europe.
  • 1959 - Yuri was launched into space and transported to the future by way of a warpfield anomaly.
  • 2006 - An Axethrowing Championship awarded "Arnie" with a gold trophy.
  • 2013 - The end of the world according to the Kremzon Calendar.
  • 2014 - Solar Trees nearly go extinct.
  • 2015 - (Ū) Coco McFly is sent back to this year by mad scientist monkey, Yuri.
  • 2368 onward - Video Play Leagues were dominated using Power Gloves.
  • 2399 - Disco makes a comeback.
  • 2780 - Zork Industries begins the exploitation of Zurians.
  • 2991 - The Juggernaut "Fat Pete" is made by the E.L.F..
  • 3008 - A year where exercising was considered defunct.
  • 3009 - Raelynn was put into cryostasis. Decades later, she was thawed by unknown mercenaries to help fight.
  • 3021 - The original Ted McPain died protecting the Sunny Daisy Alien Orphanage from bloodthirsty Dinosaur Zombies.
  • 3087 - The First AI War ends abruptly after a Star-Encapsulating Power Station explodes and spreads strange radiation.
  • 3268 - Swarms of drones attack due to faulty rebellious AI.
  • 3392 - The Kraken-piloted Leviathan ship conquers the Northern Flying Sea of Okeanos.
  • 3521 - The year Ayla's Jail Food expired.
  • mid 3570s - Zippy Starburst starts touring.
  • 3582 - The last time Penny Fox had her Space-Scooter tuned up.
  • 3584 - Rocket's Renegades are caught with salt and promptly escape prison on Caraco[43] and heist separate space crafts.[44]
  • 3586 - An album containing the best Ice Cream Van Music was released. (Ū) In the same year, Leon Legionnaire won the jeu de boules cup.
  • 3587 - Present Time. Blabl Zork hires mercenaries from across the galaxy to fight turf wars on Solar rich planets. Starstorm Station is reactivated. Fizzy leaves the Dizzies.[45]
  • 4000 - (Ū) "the distant future". Gnabot exists. Has robofriends.

Notable Characters[ | ]

Wealthy Industrialists[ | ]

Celebrities[ | ]

  • MC Green. A hip-hop artist, presumably from Ribbit IV. His newest hit is "Can't Touch This".
  • Mud Deep. A legendary hip-hop artist. Released the hit "Right Back At Ya!" Also presumed to be from Ribbit IV.
  • Canned Criminals Sharky & Remora, Scarfish, Yakoiza, Al Carper, and The Codfather.
  • Carmen. A beautiful Caterpillar featured in the magazine The Cat Pillar.
  • Bob Payot. The official judge of the galactic hair style competition. He reserves the trophy for Ksenia every year, because she wins it anyway.
  • (Ū) Silvanito, the Inkeeper in the town San Solares. Offers protection, and offers Sheriffhood to Desperado Penny.[46]
  • Gustavo Pollos. Actor and star of "Breaking Eggs". May be a giant muscular chicken.
  • Walm Krunkbite. Named the "Most trusted Omean on Okeanos".
  • Mr. Heathside. Claims that the Defused Hawk Bomb was a prop from "the best movie ever made".
  • Don Steward. Leveled a city during a Rally of Reasonability.
  • Voran. The only male dragon within the Omicron. He is a heartthrob.
  • The Wildlife Announcer (Name Unknown). Works for the Zork Industries Broadcasting Corporation (the ZIBC). Took time away from narrating wildlife documentaries to narrate the Awesomenauts. Looks like a big slug.[47]
  • Xi-Pang. A Wise Man who was at the heart of the rise and fall of an ancient society. Supposed to have written down a true account of the events in his scrolls, but they were never found and even he faded from memory. Sometimes called XiPang.
  • Rick Rocket. Original owner of the Retro Spaceship.
  • Hairy King. Everyone wants to be interviewed by him.
  • Zippy Starburst. Biggest rock legend his side of the galaxy. Started touring mid 3570's. Is a big fan of the Awesomenauts.
  • Sir Punchalot. Used to be one of history's greatest robo-fighters. Was decapitated by Jimmy and Amy.
  • Voltron. The most badass stuntman in the universe. Originally owned the Stunt Helmet.
  • Arnie. Winner of the Axethrowing Trophy in 2006. May be Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Gloomy. The super-depressed bear from the TV series "I-Don't-Carebears".
  • B. Grimm. A famous hand model. Bullets were made in the shape of his fist.
  • Arnel Swertsenek. Produces training videos. One of his workout moves is the Arnel Dumbbell Press.
  • Katy Kork. A Namala news reporter. Named "Okeanos Sweetheart".
  • Lady Haha. A celebrity who has a pimple.
  • Pete Jennirks. Has been alive for over 500 years. May be a robot.
  • Rob Bourgogne. His endowment is an optical illusion.
  • Red Asteroid. A Bovinion hero.
  • Sloggins. A Kraken boat-carpenter. Designed the Nautilon Pod.
  • Commodore Swiggins Senior. First captain of the Leviathan ship. Presumably related to Admiral Swiggins.
  • Fizzy. One of Dizzy's clones and a former member of The Dizzies. Polls indicated she was more popular than the other members, so she started her own successful solo career.
  • Noodle Smiggs. An Aqua-fu master with a terrible name. (Ū) He trained Dizzy in the arts of Aqua-fu.

Leaders and Deities[ | ]

  • Korr. Dictator and current leader of Aiguillon.[48]
  • Chief Red Beard. Originally owned the Techno Viking Helmet. Possibly the chief of the space vikings.
  • Julnas the Hungry. A fat kingly Entin.
  • The Great Popillion. His story of metamorphosis and enlightenment was documented in Hidden Leaves.
  • Kewlu, the Ancient One. A Kraken that used to rule the flying seas of Okeanos.
  • Captain Inkbeard. Former captain of the pirateship 'The Colossus'. Killed by Admiral Swiggins.
  • Ice Queen. Reigns over the Gelati. She never leaves her throne, but still invokes bravery and heroism in her people.
  • Mon'Grah Jah. The leader of the Mon'grah.[49]
  • LT. Ironside. Instructed others on when to use the Nuke Bug.
  • Orron Valpip II. A great gnome king. His people still honor him by wearing a snapped hood.
  • Pierre Fue Darret. A corrupt Kremzon emperor and warlord. Rules the Scargos. He's referred to as Unstoppable Pierre.
  • (Ū) Blabus Zorkonius. The TRUE Emperor according to Leon Legionnaire.
  • The Grand Space Butterfly. Worshiped by the Order of Popae monks. Imbues them with holy power. Once cursed a pirate captain, turning him into a ghost.
  • The Void Moth. Counterpart of the Grand Space Butterfly. Controls Grim Genji, its most powerful prophet. Possibly the Entin name for Kethkar.
  • Kethkar, the Blood God. His champions are Wraithlord Scoop[50] and Malicious Max. Is also worshiped by Skreelator[51]. Is connected with the Void, which seems to be a location. Could possibly be the Void Moth.
  • Shiva. Worshiped by Skree.
  • Thor. The god of thunder.

Other[ | ]

Companies, Groups and Families[ | ]

  • The Awesomenauts. A group of mercenaries employed by Zork Industries and sold to the Ones and Zeroes to fight in the Second AI War. Are referred to as the "one force [who] can help them now". Have their own spaceship. (Ū) In a Parallel Dimension, the Awesomenauts fight using music rather than weapons. The mercenaries in the Awesomenauts in this dimension are the most amazing musicians of the galaxy. One of the Awesomenauts of this Dimension is Electronic Supersonic Cybertronic Rocco.
  • Zork Industries. A wealthy mega-corporation owned by Blabl Zork. Exploit Zurians. Rivals with the Krokk. They sell items to the Awesomenauts in battle, as well as manufacture combat walkers and SUSI AI. A share exists that is worth 50% of the company.
  • The Krokks. A family buisness that got rich on Calias by hunting down the galaxy's biggest criminals as bounty hunters. Vicious rivals with the Zorks. Rumoured to have ties with the Shishu, Grint, and Sisterhood of Coba, although nothing has been confirmed.
  • The Toad-Unit Posse. A rival gang that Froggy G fought. Fought a bloody gang war that sent Froggy G to prison.
  • Pond Pimpin' Customs. A shop that does custom paint jobs.(Ū) Hotrod Derpl's Walker was painted there.May be on Ribbit IV. Presumably run by the species from Ribbit IV.
  • Earths Liberation Front (E.L.F.). An army used to combat robots attacking earth. Existed before the first AI War. Manufactured The Juggernaut "Fat Pete" in 2991. Contains two known Elite Groups: the SkyHawks, which Raelynn was a member of, and the Killer Koalas, which was lead by the original Ted McPain.(Ū) The Killer Koalas include Bionic Raelynn, Ghost Leon, Cyber Coco, Augmented Ayla, Digital G and Roboscoop
  • The Zork Industries Broadcasting Corporation (the ZIBC). A Network owned and run by Zork Industries. Employs the Wildlife Announcer for his narrating ability.
  • Amphibian Cosmic Bikerpirates. Friendly travelers. Adopted Gnaw, and are his current owners. Trained him to fight in black market arena fights. Sells Gnaw's "services" to the highest bidder.
  • Channel 7 Galactic News. A news network. Known reporters are Max Focus and Pete Jennirks. Have been covering news since the first AI War.
  • Professional Nailbiters.
  • (Ū)The Lionhearts. The greatest warriors in the land. They were so mighty, they eventually brought peace to their realm. Because the Lionhearts are built for battle, they joined the Awesomenauts to seek new excitement.
  • Ancient Aztecs. An ancient tribal race. (Ū) Voltar can channel their ancient power.
  • The Genetically Engineered Cowboy Overlords. At some point in the future past 3587, they take over Bovinian, only to be stopped by a Bovinian Uprising. The Loninator was sent back in time to kill the one Bovinian who started it.
  • The Secret Simian Service. A secret service that employs monkeys for their missions.
  • R.E.T.A., A group licensed to use powerful traps.
  • Shisu. The largest crime syndicate on Okeanos. Hunt Spike and Vinnie. Fear Rocco for his ravenous methods.
  • The Shaolin. A group of violent Monks. (Ū) Shaolin Ayla is a member.
  • (Ū) "A team of unruly mercenaries". Assigned the task to take out a corrupt military leader on a Latin American island. Lead by Expendable Clunk.
  • Interpool. An international underwater crime fighting organization. Hunted Spike & Vinnie.
  • The Grint Tribe. Known for their masks and religious sacrificial rituals. They specifically sacrifice clowns.
  • Lucci. Fashion designers. Designs Cerean eyewear. Unknown what Cerean is.
  • The Order of Popae Monks. The remaining Entin formed this group to survive being exterminated after being labeled as vermin.
  • The Bouquet Family. Lives in the Bouquet Residence. Owner of fine porcelain. May live on Titan.
  • Braineaters. A group or species that eats brains, and can be disarmed by facemasks that cover the lower half.
  • The Power Strikers. A team of five Zurians who fight evil-doers and control Giga Sentorii from the inside.
  • The Intergalactic Police Department. Crime fighters from around the galaxy. They hire Rocco when the work gets too dirty.
  • The Shiny Weapons Hoarders Anonymous. They give coins to honorary members. Their acronym is SWCA. They have have been called Collectors at one point, but changed it without changing their logo. Rocco is a member of this group.
  • The Sisterhood of Coba. A group of demonic lizards that were bound to the Omicron Dimension for their evil deeds. They command over an army of female dragon warriors. After the Starstorm ripped a hole in the continuum, the Sisterhood went through the rip and invaded the Omega Dimension.
  • Psystone Mining Co. One of the mining corporations who harvested Luxor.
  • Cinemabeasts. A film reviewing group. Use the 5 Star rating system, at least this time
  • Adlez Princesses. A group of princess that get caught on purpose in an attempt to get a date.
  • The bands 'Kings of Freon' and 'The Wizard formerly Known as Merlin'. Wrote Ice Cream Van Music.
  • The Star Scouts. A group that are encouraged to travel through space and attempt special feats and tasks. When a task is completed, they are awarded a badge. It is unknown how or where these badges are rewarded. Penny Fox is a member. The high scout ranking of Akela requires a Spiderbird Collector Badge.
  • Gelati Houses. Influential groups among the Gelati. Possibly the ruling class. Includes the Triple Scoop and Frozen Teat. The Triple Scoop are the largest clan. Their motto is "One scoop for the king, one for justice and one pistachio!" Scoop is a knight of the Triple Scoop.
  • The Dizzies. A girl group made of Dizzy, her clone Fizzy, and an unnamed second clone. Some of their best hits include "Girl Ribbits", "Getting Dizzy With It", and "Killing Spree". They went on a Butterfly Tour that was changed to a yo-yo theme due to protests from the Entins. They have an album dedicated to Froggy G called "Ribbit Ribbit Real Good". The band broke up after Fizzy pursued a solo career.
  • Rocket's Renegades. A team of mercenaries led by Commander Rocket. The other members are Dizzy, Qi'Tara, and Smiles. They were wrongfully imprisoned on Caraco and escaped. Recently, Rocket brought the team back together.

Remarks[ | ]

  • There have been more Awesomenauts, but Genji may have eaten them.
  • Despite the Omicron Dimension being closed off from the Omega Dimension (Until the Starstorm Breach), nicotine could still be shipped from the planet Kapral.
  • The name and description of the SWCA Coin don't match. The name of the group is the Shiny Weapon Hoarders Anynomous. May have been changed from 'Collector' to 'Hoarder' without revision.
  • The entirety of Zork Industries is worth 370 solar.
  • Assuming Admiral Swiggins is biologically similar to earth cephalopods, he is one of two Awesomenauts that has a beak[52], the other being Rocco.
  • Kewlu, an ancient Kraken ruled over Okeanos at some point in the past. This implies that Kraken may originally be from Okeanos, and inhabited Titan later. The Kraken may have been exiled similar to the Mon'Grah.
  • Despite coming from an alternate dimension where "wars are not fought with weapons", E.S.C. Rocco fights using a weapon. He may have changed fighting styles upon changing dimensions.
  • The Killer Koalas, a team of aliens of varying species from different planets, worked for the Earths Liberation Front despite having no known connections to Earth, or stake in its well being. May have been recruited and paid handsomely.
  • The Queen that rules over the Gelati looks unlike Scoop (blue, has hair, eyes and separate legs). The Gelati may be reigned over by a different species. The look of the Gelati may vary significantly between individuals. May just be a very inaccurate doll.
  • Luxor is referred to as both a moon and a planet. Ix may choose to consider his homeworld a planet. This may have also simply been a mistake on Ronimo's part.
  • Conducting Gel may come from Grease Lightning Snails.
  • The Sisterhood of Coba may have used a Darkenstone to extract a soul of a Bottlenose Dolphin to make a Demonic Animal Necklace.
  • Entin and Caterpillars are very similar, and may be related, or interchangeable.
  • The Giant Worms of Sorona may be Sand Worms.
  • Mon'grah may use an Ornamented Pipe to burn weedlings.
  • Vinnie may or may not have eyes.
  • Skroggle spit is considered both a great hair gel and a bad hair gel.
  • 'The Grint' is referred to both as a single person, and as a group.
  • Omeans may be related to Frogs[53]

Theories[ | ]

  • The Namala know the secrets behind the gift giving water of Okeanos, and want to keep it for themselves.

The Mon'Grah were a peaceful species that lived in harmony with the Namala, sharing cultures and music. Both species enjoied tinkering with technology. But the Mon'Grah might have flown too close to the sun with their water rescearch. The Mon'Grah have tried many many times to harness the power of the magical waters of Okeanos, but have failed every time. In an effort to protect the secrets of the magical waters of Okeanos, the Elder Namalan started a smear campaign against the Mon'Grah saying "their technomancy is going too far", and as a result "they are no longer welcome in Okeanos", their technomancy in reality being no problem at all, but halting their water rescearch by proxy.

The Mon'Grah left Okeanos, but with grudges, turning from peaceful technomancy to harmful technomancy. They try to use dark magic to take revenge on the Namala for what they did to this day.

The Mon'Grah being away from Okeanos and the strong, secret powers that it exerts, slowly wore down their minds as a whole while hitchhiking around the galaxy alone, causing them to slowly go mad and obsess over junk they find, treating basic objects like powerful spiritual relics, and find escapism in psychedelics like Weedlings and other drugs.

The Namalan Elders still today put on a front when questioned on the matter, still claiming that "the Mon'Grah were going too far with their technology, and could have become dangerous to all who lived here", when they know that it was to protect the secrets of the waters. The Namalan civilians being none the wiser, being fed lies by the people in power, and too distracted by their peaceful paradise.

The timeline of the Mon'Grah can even be seen in Skree's upgrade rows, the first row shows starting at Okeanos and the many things they saw while living there, then being exiled and having to pack up, the second upgrade row showing their hatred of the Namala for what they did and the evidence of their rescearch, as well as where their minds turned during this transition, the third row being their obsessive psychosis coming through with hording and delusions of power.

  • The Frozen Yoghurt wars happened because the Penguins were defending their planet.

It's known that the Gelati travel around the galaxy looking for ingredients for their ice creams. In Scoops blurb it says "The gelatinous knights gather snow and ice from different planets and mix them with sweet candies and fruits." This war was called the Frozen Yoghurt War because the planet Rill is made of Frozen Yoghurt, and the Gelati liked the taste so much they wanted to take it all for themselves. They liked frozen yoghurt so much that they tried to wipe out Rill's only advanced species, the ones that would defend their environment the most, the Penguins.

The Penguins tried to defend their home, but were outnumbered, outranked and "outgunned" by the far more advanced Gelati Knights. Eventually the Penguins sucumbed to their obsessed enemy, some defecting sides in an attempt to save themselves, others surrendered but were cruelly frozen and used as decorations as an example to others. This is not the only "evidence" of the Gelati's cruelty for the sake of a sweet treat, hiding behind their "justice" as an excuse for their crimes.

  • Skroggles reproduce by infesting other species with their DNA. Every Skroggle was initially a different species.

Skroggles, despite their relatively low intelligence and lack of advancements in technology are capable of interplanetary travel. Presumably they do this by having some of the smaller Skroggles invade curious explorers ships when they come to investigate strange infested planets, then use their ship to jump planet and further spread their Skroggle reign.

When a Skroggle makes it to a new planet, their first instinct it to lay low, hide, and infest. Skroggles are highly adaptive, so new environmental factors are easy to overcome. Now obviously a small group of Skroggles can't destroy an entire planet, so they have to reproduce and make more Skroggles. They act slowly, while they are still unnoticed, contaminating water supplies and planting weedlings in windy places to send the spores all around the world. They make more Skroggles by infecting the planets inhabitants, and forcing them to their side.

When a creature has been infected by a Skroggle, it changes in appearance and behavior. It becomes more aggressive, and gains the mindset and biology of a Skroggle (grows more eyes, their arms shrivel and come closer to the body, their skin darkens, they vomit acid and grow a weedling gland), and gains Skroggle instinct: to infest then destroy. The process is slow and painful, rewriting a creatures DNA, infecting their brain and mind, erasing their past and rewriting their future. Skroggles with their rewritten brains refer to their infector as their "Pappa", and take their name.

Now with a small army of Skroggles on the new planet, they are free to take over and destroy. They attack their old kind, destroy structures with acid and powerful jaws, contaminate the entire planet with infectious juices and Weedling plants. This process continues until the entire planet is destroyed and is only inhabited by Skroggles, any retaliation being immediately tended to, and survivors outnumbered. Once a planet becomes fully infected, the Skroggles lay dormant throughout the planet in wait. The process of luring curious explorers to the planet to allow for more infestation continues.

  • Gnaw was originally a Kremzon, infected to research the effects it would have on their species.

Kremzonian scientists, in an attempt to research the Skroggles, decided the best course of action would be to infect one of their own, to see how being infected by a Skroggle changed them. They brought a volunteer to an infected planet, wearing a tracking tag around his neck so they could find him later, a red collar with an emblem emblazoned with a red lightning bolt.

When they went to bring him back to their research facility (not on Aiguillon for obvious safety reasons), he had already changed dramatically. His arms had shrunken, his eyes were a glowing yellow, his skin was turning from blue to green, his posture and body shifted forward. He had forgotten who he was completely, asked to be brought back home repeatedly, and referred to himself as "Gnaw".

They studied the transformed Kremzonian in their research facility. As he matured into a Skroggle, his head spikes dried and turned red and sharp, he grew a third eye, his jaw grew larger and more powerful, his tail sprouted at the tip and he grew two large plant-like arms from his shoulders.

A few days had passed, and Gnaw was getting restless. His instincts were kicking in. Infest and destroy. So he did just that. He took over the facility in a matter of hours with his weedlings and acidic destruction.

Wanting to escape the traumatic experience, he was "befriended" by a gang of bikers and left the researchers planet. Gnaw was tame at this point, as all Skroggles become in captivity, away from the rest of their kind. He no longer wanted to infest, only destroy. />

  • The end of First AI War stagnated technology.

War time is tragic, but it always brings a need for industry. The AI Wars are between nearly identical armies of robots with limitless soldiers, so the only winner can be the one who evolves fastest. The Zero Core was situated on AI Station 101 during the first war, which was a research station. This station also had active scientists doing work.

The destruction of the Zero Core may have brought the end of the war, but it also destroyed an important research center and killed many scientists. Furthermore, it removed the reason for the lost discoveries to even be needed. Life in the Awesomenauts universe is generally quite good: exercise hasn't been needed for over 500 years, civilizations are booming, and almost all menial labour is handled by robots and Zurians.

The result? A derelict, experimental flagship is one of the most powerful super-weapons in the galaxy. The robots on board have some incredibly advanced technology. Protoblasters from the first AI War are able to easily keep pace with modern weapons. In fact, everything is so stagnant that Raelynn could flawlessly reintegrate into society after a 500 year cryostasis.

The replacement of the Zero Core wasn't actually done for money: it was done in an effort to push technological limits again, possibly by Voltar himself (it does say his motives for fighting are mysterious).

References[ | ]