Awesomenauts Wiki

Map Editor Basic Tutorial[ | ]

In here, you can find an explanation of the basics of the map editor.

Map Editor Shortcuts[ | ]

A list of all the keyboard shortcuts in the map editor can be found here.

Map editor object list[ | ]

In here you can find a list of all map editor object (obstacles, affectArea, turrets, etc.) with specific notes and informations

Map Editor Various Notes[ | ]

In here you'll find random pieces of information and advanced features about the map editor.

Making Bots Work With Your Map[ | ]

Click here to learn how to set up AI paths and named areas so that bots will be able to play on your own modded maps.

Adding Custom Textures[ | ]

Click here to learn how to create and import custom textures for your own modded maps.

List of class names[ | ]

In here you can find a list of all internal names for Awesomenauts used by the map editor