Awesomenauts Wiki

There are currently 5 Maps available for play online, and 6 in total. In online matchmaking, the map you play on is randomized. In custom and practice games, you may choose the map. In addition, AI Station 404 can be selected in custom and practice games.

Ribbit IV[ | ]

Ui splash ribbitiv

This swamp planet features Solar Bosses as its unique feature. With quick access between the top and bottom lanes, it favors mobility and dynamic play. The top lane is shorter than the bottom lane. Control of the central jungle and bottom-to-top jump pad and Hide Areas are key. Aerial space is relatively limited.

Starstorm Station[ | ]

Ui splash starstormstation

This derelict battle station has many unique features: The initially cramped top lane can make pushing hard and ambushing 'nauts can be expected from the teleporters that take players to the platform above it. Control of bottom lane can allow players access to a hide area and to the Solar-filled waste disposal shaft. Players should be wary of the bottomless pit in that area, however. Inner top Turrets are exposed from the very start and bold players may try and finish off fleeing enemies. With large vertical space and a bottomless pit, this map heavily favors fliers.

AI Station 205[ | ]

Ui splash aistation205

This space station features two unique lanes separated by the inferno device, making lane transition harder. Being in the path of the hummingbird droids from the droid releaser, bottom lane may favor push-oriented teams, while top lane players may find themselves in battles over control of the above jungle. There are no hide areas.

Sorona[ | ]

Ui splash level2

This nuclear wasteland is inhabited by a giant sandworm which devours anything that wanders around its shaft when the button is pressed. With a hide area that allows quick access to both lanes and the worm button while also being a strategic defensive location and granting access to the valuable healthpack below, it encourages players to take control of the central portion of this map. Its relatively large size and open middle area favour flying Awesomenauts, although numerous platforms and bumpers allow others to engage them above the top lane.

This map received major alterations in Patch 2.10 Seismic Shift.

Aiguillon[ | ]

Ui splash aiguillon

With multiple Hide Areas and the unique Stealth Orb, this map encourages ganking more so than any other. Healthpacks are scarce and the lanes are cramped, making Aiguillon very punishing for 'nauts that wander too far away from their teams. The Jump Pads and moving platforms make transition from bottom to top lane difficult for several 'Nauts.

AI Station 404[ | ]

Ui splash aistation404

This space station initially features a single lane, which may favor both defense-centered teams as well as pushers and area controllers. The low-gravity field in the center can make the map difficult to navigate, while a team-coloured button on each side releases up to 3 Humming Droids to provide extra pushing power. There are no hide areas.

AI Station 404 was removed from ranked matches in patch 2.6 and replaced with AI Station 205. It is still available for selection in custom games and practice matches, however.

Holiday Themes[ | ]

During certain times of the year, the maps will get holiday-themed decoration. You can check them by clicking the above link.