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Max 001

Health: 1250 (2200)
Movement Speed: 8.1
Attack Type: Long Range
Role: Harasser
Mobility: Aerial
Max Focus [edit] Difficulty: Easy

Development Name: Boizor

Type of abilities: Area of Effect, Slowdown, Healing, Flight Release Date: December 14th 2016

UI Skillbutton maxFocus SceneIllumination copy

Scene Illumination [edit]
Light up the scene with a deadly stream of lights, that also deal damage.
Attack Speed 600
Damage 50 (78.5)
Duration 1.5s
Cooldown 10s

UI Skillbutton maxFocus attack copy

Flood Light [edit]
Briefly overexpose your scene with a nuclear powered floodlight.
Attack Speed 120
Damage 90 (141.3)
Range 4.4
Spread 50°

UI Skillbutton maxFocus SlowmoShot copy

Slow-mo Shot [edit]
Nail those slow-motion shots by launching an area that slows time itself.
Slowdown 50%
Duration 2.2s
Size 6.8
Speed 7
Cooldown 12s

UI Skillbutton maxFocus Jump copy

Single-lens Reflex Propulsion [edit]
Fly everywhere to catch the perfect angles.
Flying Yes
UI Skillbutton maxFocus SceneIllumination copy Shop Icons maxFocus Skill a Upgrade a copy Shop icons maxFocus skill a upgrade b copy Shop icons maxFocus skill a upgrade c copy Shop icons maxFocus skill a upgrade d copy Shop icons maxFocus skill a upgrade e copy Shop icons maxFocus skill a upgrade f copy
UI Skillbutton maxFocus SlowmoShot copy Shop icons maxFocus skill b upgrade a copy Shop icons maxFocus skill b upgrade b copy Shop icons maxFocus skill b upgrade c copy Shop icons maxFocus skill b upgrade d copy Shop icons maxFocus skill b upgrade e copy Shop icons maxFocus skill b upgrade f copy
UI Skillbutton maxFocus attack copy Shop icons maxFocus skill c upgrade a copy Shop icons maxFocus skill c upgrade b copy Shop icons maxFocus skill c upgrade c copy Shop icons maxFocus skill c upgrade d copy Shop icons maxFocus skill c upgrade e copy Shop icons maxFocus skill c upgrade f copy
UI Skillbutton maxFocus Jump copy Upgrade Power pills turbo Upgrade Med-i'-can Upgrade Space air max Shop Icons Overall ccReduction Upgrade Piggy bank Shop Icons Overall Overdrive


Originally a security camera who was accidentally turned sentient by Professor M. Yoolip, Max quickly found a job with the Channel 7 Galactic News when that professor somehow slipped out of time. For years, Max happily caught the juiciest news from the most compromising angles.

When the war between the Ones and Zeroes broke out, Max developed a real taste for war reporting. Craving even bigger explosions and spectacle, Max decided it was time to start making the news himself and joined the Awesomenauts.


Theme Song Lyrics

Welcome to Channel 7 Galactic News! Tonight… Fighting erupts in the Ribbit IV warzone. Seven judges poisoned in Zork Industries scandal ruling. And, subdermal parasites. Our special reporter Max Focus is on the scene and in the thick of the most breaking of news. The biggest explosions! Hard News. Real Talk. Brought to you live from the Channel 7 Studio. Sponsored by Zork Industries.

Voice actor: Jonathan Hanst


▶️"Breaking news: you're all idiots!"

▶️"This just in: enemy team set to lose!"

▶️"Polls indicate losses for enemy team!"

▶️"Enemy team losing credibility!"

▶️"Horoscopes: Today you will die!"


▶️"Reporter under fire!"

▶️"Live from the warzone!"

▶️"Reporting from the trenches!"

▶️"Aid needed!"


▶️"News team, assemble!" - Reference to a line from Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues[1].

▶️"It's war!"


▶️"Fighting Erupts!"

▶️"Attacking Starts"


▶️"Peace treaty broken!"

▶️"Rushing to defend!"

▶️"Inhabitants rush to defend!"


▶️"Hostile takeover underway!"


▶️"It's the Slap-Zork!" - A reference to "The Slap-Chop"[2], a food processing utensil that was featured in TV infomercials.

▶️"Tired of wiping your bullets?"

▶️"Boom, and the Solar is gone!" - A reference to a commercial for "Cillit-Bang"[3], the original phrase being "BAM! And the dirt is gone!"

▶️"Sponsored by Zork Industries!"

▶️"Limescale: Scourge of spaceships"

▶️"What an amazing discovery!"

▶️"Comes with a free set of knives!"

▶️"For this price, you get not one, but two!"


▶️"Back to you, Sharon!"

▶️"And back to the studio!"

▶️"This is Max Focus, signing off!"

▶️"And now, the weather!"

▶️"For more on this, stay tuned!"


▶️"Special correspondent Max Focus is live at the scene!"

▶️"News flash!"

▶️"It's war!"

Drop Pod In

▶️"Live from the channel 7 studio!"

▶️"Special correspondent Max Focus is live at the scene!"

▶️"It's all coming into focus!"

▶️"Zoom in, cameraman!"

▶️"Fighting erupts in the Ribbit IV warzone!"

▶️"7 judges poisoned in Zork Industries scandal ruling!"

▶️"Subdermal parasites: the latest fashion in pets?"

▶️"Galactic president nearly chokes on salty snack!" - A reference to the "Bush Pretzel Incident"[4]

▶️"Network satellite down! Thousands deprived of animated gifs!"

▶️"The following images may be shocking!"

▶️"For this broadcast, we advise parental guidance!"

▶️"Channel 7, bringing you the biggest explosions!"

▶️"Tonight: news!"

Killing Blow

▶️"News flash!"

▶️"Breaking news!"

▶️"Kill confirmed!"

▶️"A real deadline!"

▶️"It's murder out there!"


▶️"Hard news!"

▶️"Real talk!"

▶️"Fact check!"

▶️"One dead!"

▶️"News at 11!"

Killing Spree

▶️"We now go live to the site of the killing spree!"

▶️"Bodies piling up everywhere!"

▶️"A chilling killing spree! Back to you!"

▶️"We can all rest easy now!"

▶️"Another violent night on the battlefield!"

▶️"And that's the way the cookie crumbles!"

Being Hit













On Death

▶️"We've lost the news!"

▶️"We seem to be having technical- *Powers down*"

▶️"Signing out!"

▶️"Reporter down!"

▶️"Stand by!"

▶️"B-b-back to you!"


Using Scene Illumination


▶️"Ready for closeup!"

▶️"Got you covered!"

▶️"All frequencies!"

▶️"Paparazzi flash!"

Using Slow-mo Shot

▶️"This just in!"

▶️"Hff, slow news day!"

▶️"Freeze frame!"

▶️"Let's see that again in slow motion!"

▶️"Mic drop!"

Using Flood Light




Malicious Max Quotes


▶️"I spot a non-believer!"

▶️"I'm keeping my eye on you!"

▶️"An eye for an eye? Seems fair..."

▶️"I'll poke your eye out!"

▶️"So many eyes and yet... so blind!"


▶️"There's something in my eye!"


▶️"Help my Fishy!"

▶️"They're after me!"


▶️"Eyes Forward!"


▶️"Attack! For Kethkar!"

▶️"Maybe attack? Mwahaha"


▶️"Scouting something foul!"

▶️"We should defend!"

▶️"Defend! Blast your eyes!"

▶️"Go defend us!"



▶️"Do they sell contact lenses?"

▶️"Some feed for my Fishy?"

▶️"Eye-gouging prices!"

▶️"Alms for Kethkar!"

▶️"May I have this, my dark lord?"



▶️"Where's my monocle?"

▶️"Lemme flutter away for a sec."

▶️"Ugh. Forgot my wing clippers!"

▶️"Don't do anything Kethkar wouldn't do!"

▶️"Back in the blink of an eye!"


Drop Pod In

▶️"I live for Kethkar!"

▶️"Come along, Fishy!"

▶️"I had my eye especially polished for this!"

▶️"I can't stop rubbing my eye!"

▶️"Me and my Fishy! So juicy sweet!" - A reference to Gollum's Fish Song[5].

▶️"It wasn't me! It was the one-eyed abomination!"

▶️"Freshly belched up from the spawning pits!"

▶️"Ready to spy on the non-believers!"

▶️"What's a life of servitude without some guilty pleasures?"

▶️"Don't call me 'awful', I'm an 'abomination'!"

▶️"Sound the trumpet for Kethkar's coming!"

▶️"People look at me sideways, which is rude!"

▶️"I'm all eyes! Um well, all eye!"

▶️"I spy with my little... Hey!"

Killing Blow

▶️"In Kethkar's name!"

▶️"Eye popping! Mwahahahahahaha!"

▶️"Hahahaha! Gotcha!"


▶️"Good, heh."

▶️"For Kethkar!"

▶️"Yes, my dark lord!"



▶️"Blub! Blub! Mwahahahaha!"

Killing Spree

▶️"Oops! I was supposed to spy, not slaughter everyone!"

▶️"Kethkar will be so pleased!"

▶️"Hahaha! Oooh! Kethkar! This one's for you!"

▶️"Mwahahahaha. Everyone's dead... Ahhh..."

▶️"For you, my dark lord!"

▶️"Nobody puts Fishy in a corner!" - A reference to Dirty Dancing.[6]

Being Hit













On Death

▶️"Urghhh... Dying..."


▶️"To hell in a handbasket..."

▶️"My dark lord... I'm... I am dying..."

▶️"I'm crying..." *Sobs*

▶️"Scout's Disonor..." - A reference to Scout Law[7], which is commonly referred to as Scout's Honor.

▶️"Fishy! You were supposed to protect me!"

Using Scene Illumination

▶️"Kethkar's light!"


▶️"Look at this, Fishy!"



Using Slow-mo Shot

▶️"Blast away!"

▶️"Now, Fishy!"

▶️"You can't keep up!"

▶️"Don't wait up!"

▶️"Slow down!"

Using Flood Light




Meeting Wraithlord Scoop

▶️"My master! Kethkar will be so pleased!"

Nauts In-Game Look


Default skin.


Default skin.


Malicious Max.


Malicious Max.

Minimap Icon

Ui minimap player maxFocus 0 copy

Scoreboard Icon


Skin Information

Malicious Max

Malicious Max splash

The servants of Kethkar had gathered in the deepest, most sacred room of the hidden refuge known as the Blood Halls. There they awaited word from the Blood God, who would give all of them a purpose in this world.

And from his throne, Kethkar spoke to the first of them, a Wraithlord: "You will be my hand, and strike the non-believers from this world!". He then turned to Max, and spoke "And you will be my eyes! Find the non-believers and spy on them! Reveal their secrets to me!" And so Max found his new purpose, having reported on the news across many different worlds in the years before, he would now forevermore use his skills in service of the Blood God.

This DLC contains a custom skin for Max Focus in Awesomenauts, and comes with a fully customized voice set! - Official Steam Store description.

This skin turns Max into a fleshy eldritch horror, which looks like a large eyeball coming out of a mouth. He has a row of spines extending down his back and his fins are replaced with bat-like wings. His gun is turned into a strange creature, which he refers to as "Fishy".

Flood Light looks like green mucus and has new sound effects. The animation for Scene Illumination has Max extend his eyeball out of his mouth, and the bullets are green slime. Slow-mo Shot is a gigantic eyeball.

Being premium, this skin comes with unique voice acting.

Awesomenauts Showcase

Malicious Max Showcase


  • Max is the first permanent flyer in Awesomenauts. His flight cannot be disabled by anything, manually or otherwise (except by Cocoon).
  • Initially, Overdrive was only meant to have three characters. However, due to community demand for Overdrive to have as much content as Starstorm, Max was developed as a fourth Overdrive 'Naut.
    • There are currently no plans for a 5th Overdrive 'Naut, however.[8]
  • Max was the first character revealed via Voltar's Vault since Ksenia.
  • Malicious Max has an alternate description, used on his Vault page.

Getting belched up from the spawning pits hurts like a dry eye, but Malicious Max is ready to serve his dark lord Kethkar. "What's that, my dark lork? Spy on these non-believers? Yes, right away!"

This Premium Max Focus skin will send chills down spines with his grotesque looks and creepy new voice.

  • Max is one of the "beginner nauts" and, as such, is can be played for free by players who are below profile level 8.



Playing As:

  • Max may be fast, but he lacks any form of sudden vertical speed. This will make chasing and escaping difficult, so extra care is needed on your positioning.
  • Max has a small "deadzone" directly beneath him where Flood Light is unable to hit anything. Try to stay slightly in front of a target below you.
  • Scene Illumination boasts incredible damage, but is very hard to hit. Try to save it as a long-ranged finisher, or in combination with Slow-mo Shot or another Crowd Control effect.
  • Stuns can interrupt Scene Illumination. Avoid using it until your enemies have used their stunning abilities and consider investing in your Flood Light instead, in case the enemy team has lots of stunning effects.
  • Faster enemies like Froggy G are hard to pin down with Scene Illumination. Try using UFO Spotted At Starstorm Station! or Intergalactic Police's Dirty Secret! to make hitting them easier.
  • Slowdowns can sometimes extend the duration of your opponents' beneficial skills. Some examples are Refract and Time Warp. Be careful when using Slow-mo Shot against enemies with skills like that.
  • Don't expect Slow-mo Shot to hit for very long (if at all) when shot from far away. It's most deadly fired near melee range.
  • Fire Slow-mo Shot along the path a fleeing enemy will take. This will force them to either detour or take a large amount of slow time.
  • Slow-mo Shot is the only way Max can reliably escape by himself. Try to save it until you absolutely need it, just in case.

Playing With:

Playing Against:

  • Max always moves at the same speed in all directions, making his movement highly predictable. Use this to juke him and escape or cut him off while chasing.
  • Because Max has no way to cancel his momentum, any Knockback that hits him will affect him in full force.
  • The best way to avoid Scene Illumination is to go up or down. Max has a hard time chasing fast vertically-moving targets.
  • Try to bait out Max's Slow-mo Shot. Without it, his other abilities don't offer much to a teamfight.