Awesomenauts Wiki

UI Skillbutton maxFocus SceneIllumination copy

Scene Illumination [edit]
Light up the scene with a deadly stream of lights, that also deal damage.
Attack Speed 600
Damage 50 (78.5)
Duration 1.5s
Cooldown 10s

UI Skillbutton maxFocus attack copy

Flood Light [edit]
Briefly overexpose your scene with a nuclear powered floodlight.
Attack Speed 120
Damage 90 (141.3)
Range 4.4
Spread 50°

UI Skillbutton maxFocus SlowmoShot copy

Slow-mo Shot [edit]
Nail those slow-motion shots by launching an area that slows time itself.
Slowdown 50%
Duration 2.2s
Size 6.8
Speed 7
Cooldown 12s

UI Skillbutton maxFocus Jump copy

Single-lens Reflex Propulsion [edit]
Fly everywhere to catch the perfect angles.
Flying Yes