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Playing As:[ | ]

  • Max may be fast, but he lacks any form of sudden vertical speed. This will make chasing and escaping difficult, so extra care is needed on your positioning.
  • Max has a small "deadzone" directly beneath him where Flood Light is unable to hit anything. Try to stay slightly in front of a target below you.
  • Scene Illumination boasts incredible damage, but is very hard to hit. Try to save it as a long-ranged finisher, or in combination with Slow-mo Shot or another Crowd Control effect.
  • Stuns can interrupt Scene Illumination. Avoid using it until your enemies have used their stunning abilities and consider investing in your Flood Light instead, in case the enemy team has lots of stunning effects.
  • Faster enemies like Froggy G are hard to pin down with Scene Illumination. Try using UFO Spotted At Starstorm Station! or Intergalactic Police's Dirty Secret! to make hitting them easier.
  • Slowdowns can sometimes extend the duration of your opponents' beneficial skills. Some examples are Refract and Time Warp. Be careful when using Slow-mo Shot against enemies with skills like that.
  • Don't expect Slow-mo Shot to hit for very long (if at all) when shot from far away. It's most deadly fired near melee range.
  • Fire Slow-mo Shot along the path a fleeing enemy will take. This will force them to either detour or take a large amount of slow time.
  • Slow-mo Shot is the only way Max can reliably escape by himself. Try to save it until you absolutely need it, just in case.

Playing With:[ | ]

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Max always moves at the same speed in all directions, making his movement highly predictable. Use this to juke him and escape or cut him off while chasing.
  • Because Max has no way to cancel his momentum, any Knockback that hits him will affect him in full force.
  • The best way to avoid Scene Illumination is to go up or down. Max has a hard time chasing fast vertically-moving targets.
  • Try to bait out Max's Slow-mo Shot. Without it, his other abilities don't offer much to a teamfight.