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Shop icons blinker skill a upgrade e Mobile Analytic Laboratory Zurian [edit] Item 5 solar 130

Remove the cooldown of orb of Omicron when you activate orb of Omicron but don't teleport.

Trained to scout new wormholes and other spacebridges.

Upgrade Lv1
Cooldown reset Yes

Mobile Analytic Laboratory Zurian is an upgrade for IconCharacterBlinker Nibbs'UI Skillbutton Blinker Blink Orb Of Omicron.

Description[ | ]

If the Orb Of Omicron expires without Nibbs teleporting to it, the cooldown is reset, allowing her to spit another orb out immediatly.

Upgrade Synergies[ | ]

This upgrade synergizes well with Lion Tail, allowing Nibbs to constantly fire slowing orbs at her enemies.

Trivia[ | ]

This upgrade depicts a Zurian, a reoccurring species in Awesomenauts.