Awesomenauts Wiki

In Awesomenauts, mobility is how a 'naut moves in the battlefied: the means they use to reach places or engage/escape their enemies. There are several categories of mobility, all of which can be seen below.

Aerial[ | ]

Characters with aerial movement are able to remain airborne for a very long, if not infinite, amount of time. These characters will may be able to hover in midair, or may perform an improvised "flying" by jumping endlessly.

Available to: Chucho, Max Focus, Vinnie & Spike, Yuri.

Balanced[ | ]

Characters in this category move in a simple and straightforward manner, generally having a single jump of average height and an average movement speed.

Available to: Ayla, Deadlift, Gnaw, Raelynn, Rocco, Scoop, Skølldir, Smiles.

Swift[ | ]

Characters in this category usually have strong horizontal speed, with quick-moving vertical jumps that can be used to dodge attacks. Some may be able to use their abilities to augment their already impressive mobility.

Available to: Coco, Dizzy, Froggy G, Ix, Ksenia, Leon, Penny Fox, Skree.

Tactical[ | ]

Characters in this category are often slow-moving with average jumps, but may have quirks in their movement, such as the ability to hover, or unusual means of movement or travel.

Available to: Admiral Swiggins, Chucho, Clunk, Commander Rocket, Derpl, Genji, Jimmy, Lonestar, Nibbs, Sentry X-58, Snork Gunk, Ted McPain, Voltar, Yoolip.