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The music for Awesomenauts is produced by Sonic Picnic. Themesong can be downloaded for the cost of a tweet or a Facebook share at

Recording of the music:[ | ]

Character Themes[ | ]

Sheriff Lonestar[ | ]

Current track list[ | ]

  1. Awesomenauts Theme
  2. Juno's Travels to planet DX7
  3. Clunk's Machinery
  4. Wormhole Surfing
  5. Bagpipin' Blastfest
  6. Interstella Gangsta
  7. Party at the End of the Universe
  8. Space, Full Colour
  9. Gitarren sind AbFab!
  10. We Will Take You There, Mr. Monkey
  11. No Blue Elephants, Please
  12. The Awesomenaut Tunes
  13. Awesomenauts Theme (Remix by Totally Tuur)
  14. Awesomenauts Mega Mini Master Mix
  15. My Only Awesomenaut
  16. Character Theme Clunk
  17. Character Theme Coco Nebulon
  18. Character Theme Derpl Zork
  19. Character Theme Froggy G
  20. Character Theme Gnaw
  21. Character Theme Leon Chameleon
  22. Character Theme Sheriff Lonestar
  23. Character Theme Voltar the Omniscient
  24. Character Theme Yuri
  25. Killing Spree Clunk
  26. Killing Spree Coco Nebulon
  27. Killing Spree Derpl Zork
  28. Killing Spree Froggy G
  29. Killing Spree Gnaw
  30. Killing Spree Leon Chameleon
  31. Killing Spree Sheriff Lonestar
  32. Killing Spree Voltar the Omniscient
  33. Killing Spree Yuri
  34. Character Theme Skølldir
  35. Killing Spree Skølldir
  36. Character Theme Raelynn
  37. Killing Spree Raelynn
  38. Character Theme Vinnie & Spike
  39. Killing Spree Vinnie & Spike
  40. Character Theme Genji
  41. Killing Spree Genji
  42. The Eye of Aiguillon
  43. Awesomenauts in Concert
  44. Character Theme Ayla
  45. Killing Spree Ayla
  46. Roflnauts 01 - Prematchmusic
  47. Roflnauts 02 - Get ready to rofl
  48. Character Theme Admiral Swiggins
  49. Killing Spree Admiral Swiggins
  50. Spanking Stars
  51. Character Theme Ted McPain
  52. Killing Spree Ted McPain
  53. Character Theme Ted McPain (extended version)
  54. Awesomenauts Theme Instrumental Version
  55. Character Theme Penny Fox
  56. Killing Spree Penny Fox
  57. I'll Make You a Star, Baby
  58. Character Theme Sentry X-58
  59. Killing Spree Sentry X-58
  60. Character Theme Skree
  61. Killing Spree Skree
  62. Juno's Travels to Planet DX7 (2014 Remix)
  63. Character Theme Scoop
  64. Killing Spree Scoop
  65. Sirens Before The Storm
  66. Character Theme Nibbs
  67. Killing Spree Nibbs
  68. Character Theme Gnariachi
  69. Killing Spree Gnariachi
  70. Character Theme Rocco
  71. Killing Spree Rocco
  72. Character Theme Electronic Supersonic Cybertronic Rocco
  73. Killing Spree Electronic Supersonic Cybertronic Rocco
  74. Character Theme Ksenia
  75. Killing Spree Ksenia
  76. Character Theme Sheriff Lonestar (Extended Version)
  77. Killing Spree Sheriff Lonestar (Extended Version)
  78. Character Theme Professor Milton Yoolip
  79. Killing Spree Professor Milton Yoolip
  80. Character Theme Chucho Krokk
  81. Killing Spree Chucho Krokk
  82. Character Theme Jimmy And The LUX5000
  83. Killing Spree Jimmy And The LUX5000
  84. Character Theme 8-Bit Yoolip
  85. Killing Spree 8-Bit Yoolip
  86. One Happy Galaxy
  87. Character Theme Ix the Interloper
  88. Killing Spree Ix the Interloper
  89. Character Theme Scourge Captain McPain
  90. Killing Spree Scourge Captain McPain
  91. Character Theme Scourge Captain McPain (Karaoke version)
  92. Character Theme Max Focus
  93. Killing Spree Theme Max Focus
  94. Character Theme Clunk (Extended Version)
  95. Killing Spree Theme Clunk (Extended Version)
  96. Character Theme Deadlift
  97. Killing Spree Theme Deadlift
  98. Get Ready for Action!
  99. Character Theme Dizzy
  100. Killing Spree Theme Dizzy
  101. Character Theme Smiles
  102. Killing Spree Theme Smiles
  103. Character Theme Commander Rocket
  104. Killing Spree Theme Commander Rocket
  105. Character Theme Qi'Tara
  106. Killing Spree Theme Qi'Tara
  107. Character Theme Snork Gunk
  108. Killing Spree Theme Snork Gunk

Note: The complete Awesomenaut soundtrack can be purchased on Steam as a DLC for the game. It is updated whenever a new music track is added to the game.