Awesomenauts Wiki

just a FYI im just throwing this together so expect spelling and grammer errors!

Froggy G is by far my favorite awesomenauts he is the perfect combo of stealth assasin and pusher and if you buy and play right he can even be a support! But i my self stick to the assin killer gameplay and use gorilla tactics now what i mean by gorilla tactics is allways going were the enemy isnt or is weakest and mostlly hanging out in the jungle and bushes. Now as far as upgrades go  here is what i use.

Splash dash: Extra damage, Cool down, and more stun

Tornado: reflect enemy fire, increased speed while in tornado, and increase duration

Bolt .45 fish gun: Pirana cartriges, squid shots, and throrn fish

Utility: Mr buff pills, health regen, and piggy bank

Now for wich to buy first i go for splash dash piggy bak and then i go with usually one of these: stun on splash dash health or pirana cartriges although i useually go for stun form there i go for a upgrade on the dash one or two for the fish un and then 3 upgrades or so for the dash max out the gun and then the dash and depending on how the game is gowing i may get some extra utility items after everything is maxed out i finalle buy the tornado and upgrade speed then reflect and finally duration.

And just as another note torads gamplay allways try to be on full health chow down on all the health you can find becasue the frog dont take no punishment. if you find yourself up agains a tank just jump over him over and over and over again, keep kiteing him and then when he has low health splash dash in and take the kill. Also froggy G has a HUGE jump height if you hold down W fully use this to your advantage for dogeing. As far as puching goes if your team is at aturret go ahead and help out, if there is a lane with no one on the enemy tema on it go push it and odnt be afraind to saty th the turret wiht out minnions as if you get low on health you can just splahs dash away and quicklly dispaear into the jungle.

Thats all for now let me knpow what you thinkg of meh load out!