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Named area are mainly used by bot to help them know where they are but they also provides other essential functionalities.

Field Description Possible values Type
name Name of the area. This name is also used for interaction with button to make the area move. Text

Additional notes[ | ]

  • Most named area are used by bots to determines where they are. More information about that here
  • Named area with noticeable effect are:
    • WIND - Decrease the gravity (like in AI Station 404)
    • NOFLYZONE - Prevent flyers to fly
    • TELEPORTPOSITIONZERO and TELEPORTPOSITIONONE - Used to set the teleport position for TEAM_ZERO and TEAM_ONE
    • HEALAREA - Refill Penny's charges and Ksenia's scissors
    • CTF - Enables the upgrade CaptureMode which draws arrows on the player's HUD pointing towards any creepFlag on the same team