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Playing As:[ | ]

Playing With:[ | ]

  • If you have an Ensnare or Stun, try to save it for when Nibbs is around. It helps her hit with Fire Breath.
    • Alternatively; follow up on Nibbs, should she initiate with stuns or slows of her own.
  • Try to make sure that enemies can't hurt Nibbs while she's using her Fire Breath. It leaves her very vulnerable.

Playing Against:[ | ]

  • Being very frail and slow, Nibbs is naturally vulnerable to burst damage, though she can still escape via Orb Of Omicron. Try to save high damage abilities for when it is on cooldown, or surprise her before she can teleport away.
  • slowdown effects like Time Warp and Timerift can "trap" Nibbs while she's using Fire Breath.
  • Most crowd control effects cannot prevent Nibbs from using her Fire Breath, but stuns will make her unable to aim it where she wants to.
  • Nibbs can use Orb Of Omicron while ensnared, but will still be snared when she teleports. Follow the Orb to keep attacking her.
  • When chasing a fleeing Nibbs as a team, consider splitting up if she throws out an Orb Of Omicron. That way, there will be someone waiting for her at the orb's location if she teleports and people still chasing her should she choose not to teleport.
  • Nibbs is fairly slow for a low health melee 'Naut. You can abuse this to out-manoeuvre her.
  • The trail of Fire Breath has a slight delay when aiming it. Keep your movements unpredictable to avoid the bulk of the damage.
  • Be careful where you are while on low health; Nibbs can easily close the distance and get in range of you with Orb Of Omicron, while Fire Breath can hit through solid walls. Don't stick around when low on health.