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Packs allow you to purchase content for Awesomenauts in bundle for a discounted price. They can be acquired using real money. While the expansion packs Awesomenauts: Starstorm Expansion and Awesomenauts: Overdrive Expansion are no longer available for purchase after the transition to the free to play model, players who possess a key for them will get all the nauts contained in that expansion.

Packs list[ | ]

All Nauts Pack[ | ]


The Awesomenauts are the very best mercenaries the galaxy has to offer. Grab the Awesomenauts All Nauts Pack to recruit all of them, and automatically gain access to all new characters as they launch!

By purchasing the Awesomenauts All Nauts Pack, you gain will immediately unlock all remaining characters. You will also receive a special Emblem and Portrait which you can use to customize your profile. The All Nauts Pack is no longer available for purchase.

Costume Party 1[ | ]


No official description available.

Costume Party 2[ | ]


No official description available.

Costume Party 3[ | ]


No official description available.

Announcer Pack[ | ]


Tired of hearing the same announcer every game? Looking for a little diversity? It's time to mix things up a little! Grab the announcer pack and gain access to 9 new voice-overs for your Awesomenauts matches!

Official Soundtrack[ | ]

DLC Soundtrack

No official description available.